Drifters reclaim Champion of Champions crown in Larne


Three teams from the Ballymena, Harryville and District Darts League took part in the annual Champion of Champions competition at the weekend.

Drifters (league champions), The Diamond (league runner-up and defending Champion of Champions) and Greenhills (third in league) were the local representatives at the competition in Larne.

Unfortunately both Greenhills (6-3) and The Diamond (5-4) fell at the first stage but huge congratulations go to Drifters, who won back the title with relative ease throughout the day, clinching the title with a 5-1 victory in the final.

The BHDDL was back in full swing on the Friday night, standout game being the 4-4 draw between Greenhills and Drifters.

Best Individuals this week were 14s Gabe Kerr, John Elder (Spinning Mill), 15 John Elder (Drifters), 18s Gabe Kerr, David McFall, Paul McDonald, 19s Paddy Coyles, Davy Martin, Daniel McDonald x2, 20s Geoff Wylie, Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Ashley Rainey, Paul McDonald, 21s Pearse McGarry x2, John Robinson, Ryan Gault, Davy Martin, Denis Gault, Peter Stewart, Evan Greer, Brian Hanna, 22s John Elder (Spinning Mill), Henry Eagleson, 23s Colin Reid, Willie Bones x2, Paul Henson x2, John Greer, Bobby Carson x2, 24s Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Steven Eaton, Neil Marshall, Denis Gault and Stephen Purdon.

Finishes 122 (Bull) John Robinson (The Diamond), 114 Peter Stewart (Spinning Mill) and 87 Ashley Rainey (The Diamond)

Steven Eaton (The Diamond), Stephen Purdon (Cosy Corner), John Elder (Spinning Mill), Bobby Carson and Henry Eagleson (Michelin) all hit 180s.


Greenhills 4, Drifters 4: A fantastic game of darts with Greenhills leading 3-1; before trailing 4-3. Greenhills winners this week were Pearse McGarry (2-1), Leonard McKeegan (Jnr) (2-1), Gabe Kerr (2-1) and Alistair Agnew (2-1). Drifters gained their points thanks to wins from Geoff Wylie (2-1), Geoff Matthews (2-0), Noel Craig (2-0) and David McFall (2-0). Star player - Gabe Kerr.

The Diamond 6, Fountain Arrows 2: A game where the result wasn’t ever in doubt, though well done Fountain Arrows making it an interesting game with wins from Daniel Thompson (2-0) and James Kennedy (2-1). Diamond winners were Colin Reid (2-0), Ashley Rainey (2-0), John Robinson (2-0), Ryan Gault (2-0), Davy Martin (2-1) and Denis Gault (2-1). Star player - Davy Martin.

Staffers v Clough Rangers - match postponed and rearranged for Friday, December 19.


Fountain Bar 4, Cosy Corner 4: Cosy may be disappointed being 3-0 ahead, well done Irene Lowry (2-0) winning the last game to claim a draw. Cosy Corners’ other winners were Nicholas Mitchell (2-1), Stephen Purdon (2-1) and Annie Greer (2-0). Fountain Bar gained their 4 points thanks to Jack Russell (2-0), George Foster (2-0), Frank McDowell (2-1) and Alan Young (2-0). Star player - Stephen Purdon.

Slemish Tavern 8, Towers Tavern 0: Slemish awarded a walkover win after Towers failed to fulfil the fixture.

Wanderers 5, Buffs Club 3: Wanderers claim another victory thanks to wins from Willie Bones (2-1), Ben Gilmour (2-1), John Bamber (Snr) (2-0), Davy Wilson (2-0) and Paul Gray (2-1). Buffs wins from Paul Henson (2-0), Paul McDonald (2-0) and Thomas Purdy (2-0).

Michelin 3, Spinning Mill 5: Spinning Mill gain a strong victory over pre-season favourites through John Greer (2-0), Peter Stewart (2-0), Daniel McDonald (2-0), Evan Greer (2-0) and John Elder (2-1). Michelin winners were Bobby Carson (2-1), Brian Hanna (2-1) and Henry Eagleson (2-1). Star player - Daniel McDonald.