Drifters, Spinning Mill close in on league titles


Drifters and Spinning Mill look to be in complete control in the race for the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League titles.

Both teams won again on Friday night to strengthen their grip at the top of Division One and Two respectively.

International player Geoff Wylie had the best individual performance with a 12-dart leg, followed by: 14 Chris Greer, 15s Ashley Rainey, Darnell McCrory, 16s John Elder (Drifters), Geoff Wylie, 17s Ryan Esler, John Elder (Spinning Mill), 18 John Elder (Drifters), 19s Denis Gault, Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Darnell McCrory, John Elder (Spinning Mill), Daniel McDonald, 20s Shane Hillis, Graham Mills, Robert Beggs, Alwyn McCosh, Willy Bones, 21s Denis Gault, Paddy Coyles, Robert Beggs, Leonard McKeegan (Snr), Alan Bamford, Bobby Carson, Jeff Watt, John Greer.

Ryan Gault (The Diamond), Dean Kerr (Greenhills), Ryan Esler, Darnell McCrory, Alwyn McCosh (all Drifters), Henry Eagleson (Michelin), Rab Lynn and Dean Calderwood (Both Slemish Tavern) all hit 180s

Geoff Wylie (Drifters) had the week’s best finish with a 140 checkout, followed by a 90 Robert Beggs (Fountain Arrows).


The Diamond 7, BT/PO 2: Diamond - Ashley Rainey (2-0), John Robinson (2-1), Denis Gault (2-0), Colin Reid (2-0), Ian Rainey (2-1) and Ryan Gault (2-0); BT/PO - Tam Wallace (2-0) and Derek Campbell (2-1). Star player - Ashley Rainey.

Fountain Arrows 1, Greenhills 7: Arrows - Robert Beggs (2-1); Greenhills - Paddy Coyles (2-1), Dean Kerr (2-0), Jarlath McGarry (2-0), Gabe Kerr (2-1), Leonard McKeegan (Jnr) (2-0), Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (2-1) and Liam Quinn (2-0). Star player - Gabe Kerr.

Staffers 0, Drifters 8: Drifters - Ryan Esler (2-0), Darnell McCrory (2-0), Andy Martin (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Geoff McIlveen (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-1), Alan Bamford (2-0) and Alwyn McCosh (2-0). Star player - Geoff Wylie.


Wanderers 4, Michelin 4: Wanderers - John Bamber (2-0), Willy Wright (2-0), Willy Bones (2-0) and Ben Gilmore (2-0). Michelin - Clifford Marcus (2-1), Matthew Carson (2-1), Bobby Carson (2-0) and David Armstrong (2-0). Star player Willy Bones.

Cosy Corner 6, Buffs Club 2: Cosy - Stephen Purdon (2-0), Roberta McFall (2-0), George McDowell (2-0), Annie Greer (2-0), Irene Lowry (2-0) and Donna Service (2-0); Buffs - Gwen Henson (2-0) and Sandra Gilmore (2-0). Star player - Graham McCartney.

Spinning Mill 5, Slemish Tavern 3: Spinning Mill - Jeff Watt (2-0), Chris Greer (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Daniel McDonald (2-0) and John Greer (2-0); Slemish Tavern - Rab Lynn (2-1), David McConaghie (2-1) and Dean Calderwood (2-1). Star player - Chris Greer.


There are no fixtures scheduled for this Friday night, with all teams having a free week.


The next meeting of the BHDDL will be held on Monday, March 2, at 8.25pm.