Dry flies yield best results at Craigmore Fishery


Despite the storm and cold temperatures this weekend surprisingly the majority of fish caught at Craigmore Fishery were on dry flies.

Jim Magill 25 on spiders 1@7+lb and 5@4-5lb. Tim Dogherty 13 on Griffith knats and f flys 1@5-6lb. Jimmy Irvine 19 on damsels 3@4lb, 5@5lb, 4@6lb, and 1@7lb. Gunther Schiefter 20 1@6lb,2@4+lb and the rest 3-5lb.

Jamie Craine 12 1@6+lb, 2@4lb. Davy Couples 14 2@6lb, 3@5lb 4@3-4lb. Alan Temple 15 on mixed drys 1@5lb and 1@4lb. Billy Hazalett 20 on drys 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb. Jeff Davidson 14 on mixed drys 1@5.8lb 1@4.8lb and 2@3+lb. Tommy Wharry 11 on drys 3@5+lb. Jonny McNeill 36 on the weed fly 3@5+lb and 5@4+lb, Alan Wallace 18 on lures 3@4lb and rest 2-3lb.

John Hughes 13 on lures 4@3lb. James Harper 8 on drys 1@5lb and 1@4.8lb. Andy Glen 9 on black pennells and shuttlecocks 1@4+lb, Tony Cooper 8 on lures 1@5+lb. Mark Goudy 11 3@6+lb, 1@7lb and 7@3-4lb. Andrew Hadden 12 on lures 3@5.8lb and 7@3-4lb. Tom Turner 9 on white lures 1@5+lb. Harry Diven 8 on lures few @3lb.

Some nice fish getting caught Martin Foster 1@6 and 3@5lb, Colin Foster 1@6 and 1@5lb, Leslie Wilson 3@4lb, John Bailie 1@5 and 4@3+lb on bloodworm, Colin Kenny 8 1@7lb, 1@4.8lb and 2@3+lb. Andy McClelland 1@5+lb. Louis 1@6.8lb, Barry McFarland 3@5-6lb, Laurence Long 1@5+lb. Steven Turner 1@5+lb and 1@7+lb. Paul Armstrong 1@6+lb. Robert Wade 1@5+lb, Steven Webb 1@7lb on bloodworm.