Duneane back top of Churches League table

Indoor bowls.
Indoor bowls.

Duneane are back on familair territory - at the top of the Antrim & District Churches League table.

First Antrim’s cancellation of their game with High Street meant the only game of the week would be played at Antrim Parish as they welcomed Duneane.

The first half would see Antrim Parish father and son skips Nelson and Ian Scott take on Mervyn McDonald and Gerard McLarnon respectively.

Nelson and Gerard’s enjoyed a very tight game played in the best of spirits and in the end they couldn’t be separated, as their game finished 7-7.

The other game was also close for long periods but eventually Mervyns rink would be able to build a lead and hold on to it to win 10-5.

This left the game nicely set up with only 5 shots in it at the break.

The second half however would see Duneane get away from their opponents with two important wins.

Gavin Richardson enjoyed a very high scoring 16-13 win over Marty Murray and the other game saw Malachy Martin enjoy a 12-5 win over the rink skipped by Roy Dunn.

These wins would see Duneane happily walk away with 6 points, which at this early stage would be enough to send them top of the league!

Antrim Parish 30 shots (0.5 points), Duneane 45 shots (6.5 points): I Scott 5, M McDonald 10; N Scott 7, G McLarnon 7; R Dunn 5, M Martin 12; M Murray 13, G Richardson 16.


Standings after week four are: Duneane, played 4, points 16.5; High Street 3-6; OC 2-11; Muckamore 3-9; First Antrim 2-8; Drummaul 1-6; Antrim Parish 3-5.5; Dundrod 2-5; St Joseph’s 2-0.