Eagerly-awaited Drifters v Diamond showdown this Friday

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Drifters and The Diamond will battle for the first time this season in the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League this coming Friday night.

It’s a clash of the teams who have finished first and second from the last 2 years and sure to be an exciting match.

Results and fixtures this week are:

Best Individuals: 15 Gabe Kerr, 16s Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Geoff Wylie, David McFall, 17 Davy Martin, 18s Paul Rock, Leonard McKeegan (Snr), 19s Darren McNeill, Darnell McCrory, Chris Greer, Ashley Rainey, 20s Clifford Marcus, Gabe Kerr, Ryan Gault, 21s Roy Gilchrist, Jack Russell, Frank McDowell, Stevie McIlroy, Ally Agnew, Brian Cathcart, Ashley Rainey, John Robinson.

Finishes: 120 Paul Rock (Slemish Tavern) and 88 Davy Martin (The Diamond)

180 Club: Gabe Kerr (Greenhills), Davy Martin (The Diamond)


Towers Tavern 2, Cosy Corner 7: Cosy Corner continues their impressive start to the season a convincing win over Towers. Well done Leon McDowell (2-0) and Stefan Armstrong (2-0) with Taverns’ wins. Cosy Corner progress to round 2 thanks to wins from Donna Service (2-1), Irene Lowry (2-1), George McDowell (2-0), Kate Lynn (2-0), Annie Greer (2-0), Stephen Purdon (2-0) and Rosie Mitchell (2-0). Star player – Donna Service.

Staffers 1, Slemish Tavern 8: Fantastic result for Slemish with an emphatic win over last seasons Division 2 winners. Well done Joe Balmer (2-1) with Staffers win. Slemish had wins this week from Roy Gilchrist (2-1), David McConaghie (2-0), Rab Lynn (2-1), Cameron Horner (2-0), Ian Millar (2-0), Jimmy Moorehead (2-0), Geoffrey Gibson (2-0) and Dean Calderwood (2-0). Star player - Roy Gilchrist.

Fountain Bar 3, Michelin 6: A game which at 3-3; could have gone either way. Well done George Foster (2-1), Jack Russell (2-0) and Frank McDowell (2-0) with wins for Fountain. Michelin progress to Round 2 thanks to wins from Alan Penny (2-0), Sammy Dunlop (2-1), Norman Kerr (2-0), Clifford Marcus (2-1), Henry Eagleson (2-1) and David Armstrong (2-1). Star player – Jack Russell.

Greenhills 8, Fountain Arrows 1: Well done Daniel Thompson (2-1), helping the Arrows avoid the whitewash. Greenhills winners this week were Pierce McGarry (2-0), Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (2-0), Gabe Kerr (2-1), Leonard McKeegan (Jnr) (2-0), Stevie McIlroy (2-0), Johnny Cree (2-0), Ally Agnew (2-0) and Darren McNeill (2-1). Star player - Gabe Kerr.

Spinning Mill 1, Drifters 8: Well done Chris Greer (2-0), whose win helped avoid a complete whitewash. Drifters had wins from Brian Cathcart (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Darnell McCrory (2-0), Jason Mooney (2-0), Noel Craig (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-0), Geoff Matthews (2-0) and David McFall (2-0). Star player - Darnell McCrory.

BT/PO 3, The Diamond 6: A game which could have gone either way with the scores tied at 2-2. Well done Justin Cushenan (2-0), Derek Campbell (2-1) and Ian Reynolds (2-1). The Diamond continue their good start with wins from Derek Rainey (2-1), Ashley Rainey (2-1), Davy Martin (2-0), John Robinson (2-1), Ryan Gault (2-0) and Colin Reid (2-0). Star player - Davy Martin.

Clough 9, Wanderers 0: Clough’s winners this week were M Gage (2-0), B Gregg (2-0), C Gregg (2-0), A Johnson (2-0), T McKnight (2-0), D McAuley (2-0), B Patton (2-0), J Gregg (2-0) and D Gilchrist (2-0). Star player - T McKnight.


Matches this Friday, October 24, are:

Division One: Drifters v The Diamond; Fountain Arrows v BT/PO; Greenhills v Clough; Staffers - bye.

Division Two: Slemish Tavern v Fountain Bar; Towers Tavern v Wanderers; Michelin v Buffs Club; Spinning Mill v Cosy Corner.