First silverware of season up for grabs this Friday night

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The first silverware of the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League season will be contested this Friday night.

Drifters, Greenhills, Staffers and BT/PO will compete for the Charity Cup at the Coach Bar.

The other subsidiary competitions will take place at Diamond Bar, Fountain Bar and Cosy Corner.

John Elder had the best individual performance of the week with a 14-dart leg, followed by: 15 Geoff Matthews, 16 Geoff Wylie, 17 Darren McAuley, 18 Jarlath McGarry, 19s Ryan Gault, Paul Rock, 20s Geoff Matthews, Peter Stewart, Chris Greer, Gabe Kerr, Norman Kerr, Stefan Kirkwood, Glenn Gilmour, Stephen Rock, Paul McDonald, 21s William Wright, Leonard McKeegan, Chris Greer, Gabe Kerr, Shane Hillis, Rodney McAleese, Stephen Rock, Stefan Kirkwood.

Geoff Matthews (Drifters) had the week’s best finish with a 160 checkout, followed by: 129 Jarlath McGarry and 84 Gabe Kerr (Greenhills), 96 Stephen Rock and 81 Rodney McAleese (The Diamond).

John Elder (Drifters) and Graeme Leitch (Spinning Mill) both hit 180s.


Wanderers 1, Drifters 8: The first Coach derby saw Drifters claim a convincing win. Well done William Wright (2-0) with Wanderers win. Drifters winners were Alan Bamford (2-0), Brian Cathcart (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-0), Noel Craig (2-0), Geoff Matthews (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Geoff McIlveen (2-0) and Jason Mooney (2-0). Star player - Geoff Matthews.

Spinning Mill 1, Greenhills 8: Well done Chris Greer (2-1) with Spinning Mills win. Greenhills wins came from Leonard McKeegan (2-1), Gabe Kerr (2-0), Lex Gilmour (2-0), Stevie McIlroy (2-0), Paddy Coyles (2-1), Ally Agnew (2-1), Pearse McGarry (2-1) and Johnny Cree (2-1). Star player - Gabe Kerr.

Michelin 4. Staffers 5: A close game going to the last game; although Michelin must feel disappointed after leading 4-1. Michelin winners were Alan Penny (2-0), Chris Penny (2-0), Sammy Dunlop (2-1) and Norman Kerr (2-0). Staffers victories came from Joe Balmer (2-0), Jerome Carson (2-0), Jordan Barr (2-1), Geordie Aiken (2-0) and Stefan Kirkwood (2-0). Star player - Stefan Kirkwood.

BT/PO 5, The Diamond 4: BT/PO claimed this win thanks to Glenn Gilmour (2-0), Shane Hillis (2-1), Warren Craig (2-0), Justin Cushenan (2-0) and Derek Campbell (2-0). The Diamond fell just short, winners this week were Rodney McAleese (2-1), Ryan Gault (2-0), Stephen Rock (2-0) and Denis Gault (2-1). Star player - Stephen Rock.


Fountain Arrows 5, Fountain Bar 4: As usual, the Fountain derby was a close fought affair; with Fountain Bar losing a 4-2 lead. Bar winners were Sammy Greer (2-0), Jack Russell (2-0), Frank McDowell (2-0) and George Foster (2-0). Arrows progressed thanks to wins from Graham Mills (2-0), Davy McFall (2-0), Neil Marshall (2-1), Sammy Turnbull (2-1) and Junior McCandless (2-1). Star player - Frank McDowell.

Clough Rangers 6, Cosy Corner 3: Clough progress to the Fountain Cup semis thanks to wins from Jimmy Gregg (2-0), Mervyn Gage (2-0), Gary Scott (2-0), Darwin McCallister (2-0), Cameron Gregg (2-0) and Ian Scott (2-0). Cosy Corner had wins this week from Donna Service (2-0), Annie Greer (2-1) and Irene Lowry (2-1). Star player - Roberta McFall.

Buffs Club 3, Slemish Tavern 6: At 3-3, this game could have gone either way, well done Slemish powering home. Buffs wins came from Paul Henson (2-1), Arthur Kenny (2-1) and Paul McDonald (2-0). Slemish Taverns winners were Rab Lynn (2-1), Joe Kidd (2-0), Paul Rock (2-0), David McConaghie (2-0), Roy Gilchrist (2-0) and Ian Millar (2-0). Star player - Paul Rock.


The following trophies will be decided this Friday night, September 19:

Charity Cup finals: Drifters, Greenhills, Staffers and BT/PO (at Coach Bar).

Charity Duffers finals: Wanderers, Spinning Mill, Michelin and The Diamond (at Diamond Bar).

Fountain Cup finals: Fountain Arrows, Clough Rangers, Slemish Tavern and Towers Tavern (at Fountain Bar).

Fountain Duffers finals: Fountain Bar, Cosy Corner and Buffs Club (at Cosy Corner).


The BHDDL committee and league members extend their deepest sympathy to Rodney Thompson (Staffers) and the immediate family, following the death of his father.