First trophies of season decided in darts league

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The Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League season is now well underway with four pieces of silverware decided at the weekend.

Well done to our trophy winners Drifters, The Diamond, Slemish Tavern and Fountain Bar.

This week sees the eagerly anticipated League begin, can Drifters continue their domination or can someone else surprise everyone?

Frank McDowell produced the best individual performance this week with a 15-dart leg, followed by: 16s Geoff Wylie, Clifford Marcus, Frank McDowell, 18s Andy Martin, Jarlath McGarry x2, John Robinson, Bobby Carson, Willie Russell, 19s Brian Cathcart, Geoff McIlveen, Paddy Coyles, Davy McFall, Alan Young, 20s Brian Cathcart, Gabe Kerr, Lex Gilmour x2, Ryan Gault, Jack Russell, 21s Geoff McIlveen, Gabe Kerr, Ryan Gault, George Foster.

Fountain Bar player McDowell also had the best finish of the week with a 109 checkout, while Ryan Gault (The Diamond) had an 80 finish.

Geoff Wylie, Darnell McCrory (Drifters), Jarlath McGarry (Greenhills), Clifford Marcus (Michelin) and Frank McDowell (Fountain Bar) all hit 180s.


Greenhills 1, Drifters 5: Following comfortable semi-final wins for both sides, Drifters showed why they’ve won son much over the last years with a routine victory. Well done Jarlath McGarry (2-0) with Greenhills win. Drifters wins came from John Elder (2-1), David McFall (2-1), Andy Martin (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-0) and Darnell McCrory (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – Darnell McCrory

Semi-final results: Drifters 8, BT/PO 1; Greenhills 9, Staffers 0.


Michelin 2, The Diamond 5: Two close semis, which led to an exciting start to the final with the score tied at 2-2. However, The Diamond showed better nerve when it came to hitting the doubles. Well done Clifford Marcus (2-0) and Bobby Carson (2-0) with Michelins wins. The Diamond won the trophy with wins from John Robinson (2-0), Denis Gault (2-0), Steven Eaton (2-0), Ryan Gault (2-0) and Ian Rainey (2-1).

STAR PLAYER – Steven Eaton

Semi-final results: Wanderers 3, Michelin 6; Spinning Mill 4, The Diamond 5.


Slemish Tavern 6, Fountain Arrows 3: Fountain Arrows were 3-1 ahead, but Slemish forced their way back and eventually to victory with some impressive wins. Well done Daniel Thompson (2-0), Neil Marshall (2-0) and Davy McFall (2-0) with the Arrows victories. Slemish Taverns wins came from Cameron Horner (2-1), Paul Rock (2-0), Roy Gilchrist (2-0), David McConaghie (2-0), Jimmy Moorhead (2-0) and Dean Calderwood (2-1).

STAR PLAYER – Jimmy Moorhead

Semi-final results: Fountain Arrows 5, Towers Tavern 1; Slemish Tavern bye.


COsy Corner 1, Fountain Bar 5: Well done Irene Lowry (2-0) helping Cosy Corner avoid the whitewash. Fountain Bar clinched the victory thanks to wins from Alan Young (2-0), Willie Russell (2-0), Frank McDowell (2-1), Sammy Greer (2-1) and George Foster (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – Frank McDowell

Semi-final results: Fountain Bar 5, Buffs Club 0; Cosy Corner bye.


The first round of league games takes place this Friday night, September 26, with the following fixtures:

Division One: Fountain Arrows v Drifters; Clough v BT/PO; Staffers v Greenhills; The Diamond bye.

Division Two: Wanderers v Spinning Mill; Buffs Club v Fountain Bar; Cosy Corner v Towers Tavern; Michelin v Slemish Tavern.


Fri 26th Sept – League Match 1

Fri 3rd Oct – League Match 2

Fri 10th Oct – League Match 3


Any news or competitions in the area, please contact the Secretary by email or phone 07702182328.

The next meeting of the BHDDL will be held on Monday 6th October @ 8.25 pm.