Fish show little interest in flies during spawning season at Craigmore


Again the fish chasing each other around the edge of the lake at Craigmore Fishery last weekend trying to spawn, and at times not very interested in any of the flies being thrown at them.

Nevertheless, Leslie Beggs landed 12 on lures with 1@4+lb. Rab MCCurry had a some fun landing 24 on two visits on bloodworm and lures with 1@12lb, 1@9lb and 4@6+lb, and a few 4+lb. John Dickson 17 on black midge on the surface with 2@5lb and 2@6+lb and 1@7lb.

Young Tom Turner landed 9 on lures and bloodworm 1@4+Lb, Mark temple landed 14 on buzzers , Jason McKnight 14 on hare ear nymphs and dawlbachs with 2@5+lb and 3@4lb. Iain Black 17 on buzzers and black spiders with 1@5+lb and 3@4lb and a brown trout. Andrew Hadden 7 on bloodworm 1@8lb, 1@6, 1@5 and 2@4lb. Chris Austin 7 on damsels 1@8lb. Jonny McNeill 7 on bloodworm 1@4.8lb.

Other nice fish appearing Brian Bigmore 1@6+lb, Dominic Dinnion 1@4+lb on a black minky . Lewis Davidson 1@4+lb, Davy Paton 1@7+lb on a buzzer. Neil Wilson 1@5+lb. Andy Maquire 1@6+lb and 2@4,8lb. Davy Couples 2@5+lb and 1@4lb. Ruth Arrell 1@4+lb.