Four more pieces of siverware decided in darts league


This week the Ballymena, Harryville and District Darts League saw the culmination of the Tushy and MS Cup competitions.

There were victories for Drifters winning the Tushy Cup, Floaters claiming the Tushy duffers, Fountain Bar winning the MS Cup and Pattons clinching the MS Duffers. Results and fixtures this week were;

Best Individuals this week were 14 dart legs from Noel Craig and David McFall, followed by: 16 Joe McDowell, 17s Brian Cathcart, Paul McDonald, 18s David McFall x2, Alan Service, David McConaghie, Paul McDonald, 19 Peter Stewart, 20 David McFall, 21 Paul McDonald, 22s Darnell McCrory, Geoff McIlveen, 23 Arthur Kenny, 24s David McConaghie, Willy Wright

Dean Kerr (Greenhills) had the week’s best finish with a 116 checkout, followed by 102 Derek Campbell (Floaters)

Chris Penny (Michelin) was the only player to hit a 180.


Semi-final results: The Coach 4, Greenhills 5; Drifters 9, The Bulls 0.

Final - Greenhills 0, Drifters 5: A tussle between the league top 2 sides ended in a very one sided affair. Drifters were a dominant force all night, dropping just 3 legs. Drifters claimed the trophy courtesy of wins from Brian Cathcart (2-0), David McFall (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Andy Martin (2-1) and Geoff McIlveen (2-0). Star player- Geoff McIlveen.


Semi-final results: Thatch Inn 5, Fountain Arrows 0; Ballee I 3, The Floaters 5.

Final - Thatch Inn 1, Floaters 5: Floaters overcame a possible stumbling block, with a good win over Ballee I; and they didn’t let up in the final, brushing Thatch Inn aside with relative ease. Well done David McConaghie (2-1) with their win. Floaters winners were Derek Campbell (2-0), Ben Gilmore (2-0), Dean Balmer (2-1), Glenn Gilmore (2-1) and Willy Wright (2-0). Star player - Ben Gilmore.


Semi-final results: Ballee II 2, Fountain Bar 7; Wanderers 3, Buffs Club 5.

Final - Fountain Bar 5, Buffs Club 2: Buffs Club battled hard, but maybe their gruelling semi final was enough. Their winners were Arthur Kenny (2-0) and Paul McDonald (2-0). Fountain Bar claimed the trophy from 2-0 behind; thanks to wins from Sammy Greer (2-0), Jack Russell (2-0), George Foster (2-1), Alan Young (2-1) and Ian Cushenan (2-1). Star player – Ian Cushenan.


Semi-final results: Pattons Bar 5, Village Inn 2; Michelin 6, Bowling Club 1.

Final - Patton’s Bar 5, Michelin 4: A closely contested final, with Pattons winning the last 3 matches. Michelin wins from Chris Penny (2-0), Herbie Dunlop (2-1), Henry Eagleson (2-1) and Brian Hanna (2-1). Pattosn wins from Bryan Logan (2-1), Chris McDonald (2-0), Kieran McGaughey (2-1), Johnny McDowell (2-0) and Chris Campbell (2-0). Star player - Johnny McDowell.