Golf Club eliminate Michelin after thrilling Glass Cup encounter

Indoor bowls.
Indoor bowls.

Golf Club caused a surprise by edging out league champions Michelin by two shots in a Glass CUp tie last week.

The Raceview side had the upper hand in the first half with both rinks winning to open up a 10 shot advantage.

David Elliott’s Michelin rink picked up a single on the first end but the Golf Club rink skipped by David McCullough dominated the next 4 ends where they picked up a total of 12 shots. The remaining ends were closer but there was no way back for the Michelin rink who eventually went down 14-5.

Fred Dawson’s Golf Club rink scored a single on the first end and a further 4 shots on the second end gave them a 5 shot advantage. Three singles got Wes Caldwell’s Michelin rink back in to the game but two ends later the margin was back up to 5 shots. Caldwell’s men won the last 3 ends but the 4 shots they scored meant that it was the home rink who claimed victory by a single shot.

Michelin started the second half 10 shots adrift but when Matt Boyd’s rink picked up a count of 6 shots against Johnny Lynn on the first end it was game on.

Halfway through the second half Michelin were level and when Graham Wilson’s rink came off the mat they had won by 8 shots against Jock McGarry and there was still nothing in the game.

Wilson’s rink played some very good bowls but even in defeat, the Golf Club skip picked up a single on the final end which was very important in the overall result.

There were still 3 ends to go on the other mat but Golf Club - who had recovered well from that opening end setback - grabbed the initiative when they scored three shots on the eighth end.

Boyd scored 2 shots on the penultimate end to close the gap to a single shot and with each skip having one bowl to play on the final end the Golf Club rink lay the shot.

Boyd played a running shot to spring the jack and lay the shot to level the game but the Golf Club skip held his nerve to draw the shot with his final delivery to win the game.