Good catches for anglers at Craigmore


There were once again plenty of good catches for anglers at Craigmore Fishery over the weekend.

James Harper 30+ on a few visits on drys 3@6+lb, 3@5+lb and a few @4+lb.

Jonny McNeil 70+fish in the 2 weeks with 1@6+Lb, 11@5+lb and most of the rest 3-4lb.

Billy Hazalett 29 on drys with a few 4+lb. Matthew Laffin 15 on mixed flys. Jim Magill 11 on drys 2@5+lb!

Leslie Beggs 29 on drys and lures 3@5-6lb and the rest 3-4lb.

Tommy Spence 11 1@8+lb and 1@6+lb, Billy Todd 10 on drys 1@10+lb rest 3-4lb. L Clewer 11 all between 3-5lb and N Clewer 10 1@7+lb and rest 5-6lb. Simon Kinley 9 with 1@9, 1@6, 1@5+ and rest 2-3lb.

Mark Hanna 24 on 2 visits 5@5+lb, C Kelly 10 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb! Sandy Dorien 32 on 2 visits 1@10lb, 1@8+lb, 3@6+lb and 7@5+lb all on the weed.

Alan Temple 11 on drys 1@4+lb and w @3+lb! Davy Couples jr 15 on claret drys 1@8+lb and few 3-4lb, Gary Graham 10 on buzzers all 4-5lb.

Ian Flemming 20+ on bloodworms and lures 1@8-9lb, 4@5+lb and a few 3-4lb.

Other nice fish included Phillip Maine 2@5+Lb, Robert 1@5.8lb, Sammy Conaugty 1@6+lb!

Andy McClelland 1@5+lb, Davy Couples sr 1@6.8 and 1@5+lb!

Des Rainey 1@4+lb, John Carson 1@5+lb and 1@4+Lb!

Keith Ritchie 1@5.8lb and Matt Stranaghan 1@5+lb! Arron Mc Gaw 1@4+lb, Jim Simpson 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb, P Wilson 2@5+lb! Peter Clarke 1@8+lb!

A Tweed 1@5+lb. Houston Coulter 1@6+lb! John Gillan 1@6+lb! Sean Smith 1@6+lb. Jim Patterson 1@6+lb and Rab McFarland 1@4+Lb,