Good catches in busy Easter week at Craigmore Fishery


A busy Easter week at Craigmore Fishery saw some good catches recorded.

Sammy McConaughty 19 on buzzers 4@4+lb and 1@5+lb. John Dickson 25 on bloodworm and mixed flys 1@7+lb and 3@5lb.

Jonny McNeill 58 in 4 visits on bloodworm 3 sets of doubles 1@5+lb and 6@4+lb. John McNeill 12 on buzzers landing his first double hook up and 1@6+Lb. Alan Temple 11 on griffiths knats and drys 1@5+lb. Harry McAteer jr 11 on cdcs 1@4+lb. Peter Alexander 12 106+lb on mixed flys! Hartly Smith 10 on buzzers 1@4+lb.

John Hughes 16 on lures and drys 1@4+lb. Sammy McConaughty 11 on buzzers 1@6+lb. Billy Magill 11 on hares ear nymphs 2@5+lb and 1@4+lb. David McQuillan 11 on buzzers and lures 2@3.8-4lb. Fred Mottran 8 on buzzers and lures 1@4-5lb. Phil McKenna 8 with 5@3-4lb. Michael Wisener 8 on buzzers and lures 1@5+lb. Robert Paul 7 on black buzzer 1@7lb, 1@6lb and 1@4.9lb.

Well Done to Pete Heyburn who caught 5 on his first ever day fly fishing, and Alex Gill who also caught on his first day out.

Other nice fish caught Joe ONeill 1@6+lb on a shuttlecock. Michael Looney 1@4+lb. Raymond Neill 1@5lb 3oz. Jim Magill 2@4+lb. Steven Hoper 1@6+lb. Tom Davies 2@5lb, Mark Goudy 1@8lb on an orange nymph. Matthew Myles 1@5lb, Laurence Long 2@5lb on cats whiskers. Tony W are 1@5lb on a blue lure. Tony Cooper 1@5lb on a zonker. Tommy McCrubb 2@5-6lb on buzzers, Colin McCord 1@8lb. Simon Holmes 2@6lb on buzzers.

There were 30+ eggs won over the week - too many guys to mention but well done to all who won one.