Greenhills dump kingpins Drifters out of Pictorium Cup

The Greenhills Bar dart team. INBT48-259AC
The Greenhills Bar dart team. INBT48-259AC

Greenhills Bar recorded a memorable victory last week when they knocked Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League kingpins Drifers out of the Pictorium Cup.

Fresh from their Champion of Champions success, Drifters were firm favourites to overcome Greenhills in this Pictorium cup tie, however Greenhills battled from 4-2 behind to record the victory.

Unfortunately, Towers Tavern have now withdrawn from the BHDDL.

Best Individuals this week were 17s John Elder x2, Geoff Wylie, Darnell McCrory, Geoff McIlveen, Ashley Rainey, 18s Darnell McCrory, Rodney McAleese, John Robinson, Stephen Purdon, 19s Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Mervyn Gage, Bobby Carson, 20s Lex Gilmour, Dean Kerr, 21s Geoff McIlveen, Noel Craig, David McFall, Colin Reid, Arthur Kenny, Willy Wright, Alan Service, 22 Ian Millar, 23s Jimmy Finlay, Bobby Carson, Frank McDowell, 24s John Robinson, David Gilchrist and Brian Hanna

Finishes 144 David Gilchrist (Clough Rangers), 120 Stephen Purdon (Cosy Corner), 108 Jonny Russell (Fountain Bar), 107 Alan Service (BT/PO), 98 Ian Rainey (The Diamond) and 90 David McFall (Drifters)

David McFall (Drifters) and Arthur Kenny (Buffs Club) both hit 180s.


Drifters 4, Greenhills 5: This was a fantastic game of darts; Greenhills coming from 4-2 down to claim the win. Drifters’ winners this week were Brian Cathcart (2-1), John Elder (2-0), Darnell McCrory (2-1) and Geoff McIlveen (2-1). Greenhills ensured Drifters won’t be lifting the Pictorium Cup for once thanks to wins from Leonard McKeegan (Jnr) (2-1), Gabe Kerr (2-1), Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (2-1), Jarlath McGarry (2-1) and Dean Kerr (2-1). Star player - John Elder.

Slemish Tavern 3, The Diamond 6: A game where the result wasn’t ever in doubt; though well done Slemish Tavern who made it an interesting game with wins from Roy Gilchrist (2-0), Ian Millar (2-1) and Geoffrey Gibson (2-0). The Diamond winners this week were Rodney McAleese (2-0), Colin Reid (2-0), John Robinson (2-0), Ashley Rainey (2-1), Davy Martin (2-0) and Ian Rainey (2-0). Star player - John Robinson.

Clough Rangers 8, Buffs Club 1: Paul Henson (2-0) helped the Buffs take the first game; however it was one-way traffic after that with Clough winning the remaining games. Clough Rangers winners were M Gage (2-1), D Gilchrist (2-0), J Finlay (2-1), D McCallister (2-0), C Gregg (2-0), G Scott (2-0), B Gregg (2-1) and R Atcheson (2-0). Star player - David Gilchrist.

Michelin 7, Cosy Corner 2: Michelin enjoyed a comfortable victory over an ever-improving Cosy side. Well done Stephen Purdon (2-1) and Roberta McFall (2-1) with wins for Cosy Corner. Michelin enjoyed wins from Alan Penny (2-0), Herbie Dunlop (2-0), Bobby Carson (2-0), Norman Kerr (2-0), David Armstrong (2-0), Harry Eagleson (2-0) and Brian Hanna (2-0). Star player - Stephen Purdon.


Wanderers 2, BT/PO 7: Wanderers were outclassed by their 1st Division opposition to end their recent good form. Willy Wright (2-0) and Davy Logan (2-0) secured their wins.

BT/PO progress to the semi-finals thanks to wins from Glenn Gilmour (2-0), Justin Cushenan (2-0), Billy Gay (2-0), John Stewart (2-0), Alan Service (2-0), Derek Campbell (2-1) and Ian Reynolds (2-0). Star player - Alan Service.

Fountain Bar 6, Staffers 3: Well done Joe Balmer (2-1), Rodney Thompson (2-0) and Jerry Christie (2-0) for Staffers. Fountain Arrows gained their victory thanks to Sammy Greer (2-1), Jonny Russell (2-0), George Foster (2-1), Frank McDowell (2-1), Bob Peachey (2-0) and Willie Russell (2-1). Star player - Jonny Russell.