Greenhills sink Drifters again as they land trophy

Michelin. INBT03-225AC
Michelin. INBT03-225AC

Greenhills won the Tushy Cup on a busy Friday night of action in the Ballymena, Harryville and District Darts League.

There was also success for The Diamond, Michelin and Slemish tavern, who won the Tushy Duffers Cup, the MS Cup and the MS Duffers Cup respectively.

Best Individual performances were 15 dart legs from Jarlath McGarry and Ryan Gault, followed by: 16 Chris Greer, 17s John Elder, Sammy Greer, Paul Rock, 18s Rodney McAleese x2, Glenn Gilmour, John Robinson, Denis Gault, Ryan Gault x2, 19s Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Ashley Rainey, George Foster.

Dean Kerr had the week’s best finish with a 130 checkout, followed by: 120 & 107 Gabriel Kerr (both Greenhills), 120 John Robinson, 100 Ryan Gault, 84 Denis Gault (all The Diamond), 110 Lee Balmer (Spinning Mill) and 118 Graham McCartney (Buffs Club).

John Elder, Darnell McCrory (both Drifters) and Ally Agnew (Greenhills) all hit 180s.


Semi-finals: Drifters 3, Greenhills 5; Clough w/o Staffers.

Greenhills 5, Clough 0: A comfortable win for Greenhills following their second win this season over Drifters. Greenhills - Stephen McIlroy (2-1), Lex Gilmour (2-0), Jarlath McGarry (2-1), Gabriel Kerr (2-1) and Ally Agnew (2-0). Star player - Jarlath McGarry.


Semi-finals: The Diamond 8, Fountain Arrows 1: BT/PO - bye.

The Diamond 5, BT/PO 1: The Diamond claim more silverware with a reasonably comfortable victory. Well done Derel Campbell (2-1) with the win for BT/PO. The Diamond - Ashley Rainey (2-1), John Robinson (2-0), Rodney McAleese (2-1), Colin Reid (2-1) and Ryan Gault (2-0). Star player - John Robinson.


Semi-finals: Michelin 5, Fountain Bar 4; Wanderers 5, Spinning Mill 4.

Michelin 6, Wanderers 3: The final was locked at 3-3 before Michelin claimed the victory. Wanderers - Davy Wilson (2-0), Ben Gilmore (2-0) and Derek Connor (2-0). Michelin - Herbie Dunlop (2-1), Bobby Carson (2-1), Chris Penny (2-0), Alan Penny (2-0), Matthew Carson (2-0) and Henry Eagleson (2-0). Star player -Bobby Carson.


Semi-finals: Buffs Club 4, Cosy Corner 5; Slemish Tavern - bye.

Slemish Tavern 5, Cosy Corner 0: Slemish - Paul Rock (2-0), Jacqui Surgenor (2-1), Rab Lynn (2-1), Roy Gilchrist (2-0) and Ian Millar (2-0). Star player - Jacqui Surgenor.


There are no games this week because of Good Friday.