Hustlers win Fairhill ‘derby’ as pool league resumes


Fairhill Hustlers claimed the bragging rights in Ahoghill as the Ballymena Towers Pool League campaign resumed last week.

They defeated clubmates Dreamers as the league got underway again following the recent Festival of Pool.

Latest results are: Diamond Dazzlers 3, Towers Tavern 3: Malcolm Graffin got Dazzlers off to a good start but Drew Sloan levelled the match score for the visitors. James Millar put Towers into the lead and in the fourth game, Dean Greer increased the Ballee side’s advantage to 3-1.

Back came the Diamond through Chris Gordon and in the final game Brendan O’Mullan earned a share of the spoils. POM - Malcolm Graffin.

Coach Bar 4, Moat Mad Dogs 2: Moat made a superb start when Ricky Moore came from a frame down to win but Coach went on to win the next three games through Clifford Allison, Darren Gilmore and Davy Gillespie.

Moat gave themselves hope of grabbing a draw when Andrew Tafts pulled the score back to 3-2 but Frazer Young wrapped up victory for the Galgorm Street side in the final game. POM - Frazer Young.

Mighty Moat 3, Diamond Duffers 3: The away team drew first blood when Jason Ogilvy won, despite losing the opening frame.

Daniel Magill levelled the score in the same fashion before Steven Anderson again ut Duffers in front - once again coming from a frame down to win.

Moat again levelled through Alan Rainey before Duffers took the lead for a third time through Steven McGaughey but the visitors only had five players, earning David Nicholl a walkover win for Moat. POM - Alan Rainey.

Fairhill Dreamers 1, Fairhill Hustlers 5: The first two games went the same way with the Hustlers winning both games by 2-1 scorelines after losing the first frames, their winners being Robert Graham and Justin Kilpatrick.

Richard Campbell, Glenn Mairs and Ricthie Irwin stretched Hustlers’ lead to 5-0 before Ian Dewar prevented a whitewash by winning the final game for Dreamers.


Charity Cup Friday 27th February 2015

Round 1: Drew Sloan 3-0 Joey Lee; Dessie Cooper 3-2 Ian Boal; Brian Hanna 3-0 Linzi McClelland; Robin Shirley 3-2 Derek Dunlop; Declan Heggarty 3-0 Richard Campbell; Chris Gordon 2-3 Robert Hawkins; David Armstrong 0-3 KD Crabbe; Brett McLaughlin 0-3 Alan Rainey; David O’Sullivan 3-2 Ryan Logan; Dee Irwin 1-3 John McAllister; Barry McLarnon 3-1 Alan Davidson; Kieran Butler 1-3 Gary Ormandy; Ryan Foster 3-2 Lee Wright; Darren Campbell 0-3 Kenny English; Jimmy Knowles 3-0 Jason Davison; Brendan O’Mullan 1-3 Dean Greer.

Round 2: Drew Sloan 3-1 Dessie Cooper; Brian Hanna 2-3 Robin Shirley; Declan Heggarty 2-3 Robert Hawkins; KD Crabbe 1-3 Alan Rainey; David O’Sullivan 0-3 John McAllister; Barry McLarnon 3-0 Gary Ormandy; Ryan Foster 3-2 Kenny English; Jimmy Knowles 2-3 Dean Greer.

Round 3: Drew Sloan 3-0 Robin Shirley; Robert Hawkins 2-3 Alan Rainey; John McAllister 3-0 Barry McLarnon; Ryan Foster 3-1 Dean Greer.

Semi-Final: Drew Sloan 3-0; John McAllister 2 v 3 Ryan Foster.

Final: Drew Sloan 5-2 Ryan Foster.

Doubles Sunday 1st March 2015

Round 1: Darren Gilmore & Frazer Young 2-3 Gareth Rowe & Phil Houston; James Millar & Shane Moody 3-2 Brendan O’Mullan & Robert Artt; Pat McAnally & Ryan Foster 3-1 Brian Hanna & Chris Penny; John McAllister & Gary Clarke – Bye; Adrian Rourke & Jason Ogilby 1-3 Ritchie Irwin & Robert Graham; Nigel McMaster & Linzi McClelland 2-3 Dessie Cooper & Paul Francey; Ian Dewar & Allan Agnew 1-3 Richard Campbell & Adam Gordon; David Armstrong & Alan Armstrong 3-0 Justin Kilpatrick & George McCullough.

Round 2: Gareth Rowe & Phil Houston 0-3 James Millar & Shane Moody; Pat McAnally & Ryan Foster 3-1 John McAllister & Gary Clarke; Ritchie Irwin & Robert Graham 2-3 Dessie Cooper & Paul Francey; Richard Campbell & Adam Gordon 1-3 David Armstrong & Alan Armstrong.

Semi-Final: James Millar & Shane Moody 1-4 Pat McAnally & Ryan Foster; Dessie Cooper & Paul Francey 4-2 David Armstrong & Alan Armstrong

Final: Pat McAnally & Ryan Foster 5-3 Dessie Cooper & Paul Francey.