Impressive scoring in sweep competition at Raceview

Charlie Robinson, Willie Owens, John Montgomery, Nigel Douglas and Gareth McCullough ready to tee of at Ballymena Golf Club.INBT 42-817H
Charlie Robinson, Willie Owens, John Montgomery, Nigel Douglas and Gareth McCullough ready to tee of at Ballymena Golf Club.INBT 42-817H

The Saturday sweep competition produced an abundance of points at Ballymena Golf Club with the six winning cards producing 254 points.

The winner of the stableford event was Crawford Logan (15) with a total of 45 points, of which 24 were scored on the front nine.

He covered those nine holes in one over gross, having scored six pars, bogeys at the third and fifth and a birdie on the ninth.

The back nine accounted for five pars, a dropped shot apiece at 11, 14 and 18 plus a double concession the 16th.

Second place went to another 15-handicapper Gerald McLarnon who returned 44 points, of 24 came from the front nine.

That first nine was made up of four pars, a trio of bogeys and birdies at the first and ninth holes.

The second nine didn’t open favourably as Gerald dropped three shots on the first tow holes followed by two pars, three more dropped shots and he completed his round with two pars for a further 20 points.

Third prize was won by Martin Agnew (19) who registered an overall total of 42 points, having scored 22 on the opening nine holes.

He commenced his round with a bogey and double bogey but replied with a birdie on the third. The other six holes were four pars, a bogey on the eighth and a double bogey on the sixth.

The second nine was steady and he used his handicap allowance well as he scored eight bogeys plus a par on the 15th for another 20 points.

Fourth place went to eight handicapper Steven McCloy who had the best second nine three 41-point returns, having scored 21 of his points there.

Steven’s first nine was made up of seven pars, plus a dropped shot apiece on the first and eighth.

He began the second nine with two bogeys but he birdied the next two holes and then completed his round with four pars plus a dropped shot on the penultimate hole.

John McElroy (10) opened his round with three bogeys to which he added five pars plus a birdie on the seventh for a tally of 21 points.

The back nine provided three pars, three bogeys and a double bogey on the 12th, plus birdies on the 13th and 18th.

The 20 points from those nine holes was better than that of Charlie Robinson (17) whose opening nine holes produced 22 points to which he added a further 19.

John A Jamieson (6) got back into the swing when he played the course in one under gross to collect the best gross prize.

He dropped two shots at the opening hole but went on to play the next eight holes in level par.

His second nine could only be described as superb as John scored six pars plus he birdied the 10th, 13th and 17th, the latter of which traditionally yields very few birdies.

Overall Jamieson’s second nine included four fours, four threes and a two to give his card an impressive look and he was a deserving winner.