Ladies prepare to start Zone glory bid

Indoor bowls.
Indoor bowls.

Mid-Antrim Zone’s ladies’ team has been announced for their opening Inter-Zone match of the season.

The local ladies travel to Enniskillen to face Western Zone in the first round of the competition on Saturday, December 6.

The Mid-Antrim team is:

Rink one: L Turtle (BPFA), B Burnett (BIBC), J Lithco (Michelin), M Wilson (Michelin).

Rink two: I McCullough (AIBC), A Rainey (AIBC), H Maybin (First Ahoghill), J Wilson (Michelin).

Rink three: P Peacock (Cullybackey Methodist), J Mullan (Cuningham Memorial); L McCullough (BIBC), A Bacon (Ballymena Methodist).

Rink four: C Patton (Clough Pres), Y Hall (Second Donegore), R Morrison (First Ahoghill), J Green (Second Donegore).

Rink five: M Millar (BPFA), E McNeill (Glenravel), E Ferguson (BPFA), A Agnew (St Patrick’s Ballymena).

Rink six: M Turtle (Second Broughshane), K Mckelvey (Second Broughshane), S Smith (Services), W Adair (Second Donegore).


Meanwhile, the revised men’s team for their Inter-Zone Shield tie at Cork on Saturday, November 29, is:

Rink one: J Graham (First Ahoghill), D McCullough (Michelin), G Robinson (Michelin), W Caldwell (Michelin).

Rink two: M Craig (BPFA), M McMaster (First Ahoghill), G Wilson (Michelin), W Morrison (First Ahoghill).

Rink three: G Maybin (First Ahoghill), A Bonnar (Glenwherry); M McCullough (Killymurris Glarryford), D Morrison (First Ahoghill)

Rink four: A Booth (Old Bleach), B Magrath (Old Bleach), A McCullough (Buckna), A Morrison (First Ahoghill).

Rink five: S Alexander (Buckna), R Rodgers (BPFA), I Craig (BOFA), A Cahoon (BPFA).

Rink six: P Millar (Buckna), D Duncan (Second Donegore), N Booth (Old Bleach), A Duncan (Second Donegore).