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At Ballymena from (l) H McCloy, H Richmond, C Magill and S Steele.
At Ballymena from (l) H McCloy, H Richmond, C Magill and S Steele.

For the third week it was the young birds judged in the hand at Ballymena HPS.

Many thanks are extended to the judges who had travelled in from Cullybackey, ace racers Harry McCloy and Sammy Steele.

We had two different winners again with the Magill team from Ballee lifting the Red Card in Young Hens while Harry Richmond for the home club had 1st Young Cocks & Special for Best in Show.

The raffle was won by Robert Turkington (Doagh & Dist).

Young Cocks Handled (57 birds) – 1st & Special Richmond Bros, 2nd D & R Turkington, 3rd B Herbison, 4th & Commended J Letters, Reserve T R Alexander & Son, VHC W & N Gilbert, HC McAlonan Bros.

Young Hens Handled (48 birds) – 1st & Reserve M D C Magill, 2nd & VHC W & J Smyth, 3rd G & A Eagleson, 4th B Herbison, HC J Letters, Commended W & N Gilbert.

Many thanks to Sammy Steele for the Racing Special.

The annual Open Show for Mid Antrim lofts will take place in Cullybackey on New Year’s Day, Tuesday 1st January 2013.

Monday 26th November Old Pairs & Fancy T/W.

*Kells & District HPS: Young Hens Through Wires (113 Birds) – 1st & VHC T Shanks & Son, 2nd & Commended A Barkley & Son, 3rd & Reserve B Swann & Son, 4th Surgenor Bros, HC H Boyd. Judges – Jackie & Sammy Graham (Kingsmoss).

The annual Open Show will be held as usual on Boxing Day, this year that falls on Wednesday 26th December. Wednesday – Old Cocks T/W.

*Ahoghill Flying Club: Young Cocks Handled (43 birds) – 1st M/M Robinson, 2nd, 3rd & VHC T & G Balmer, 4th R McFall & Son, Reserve Balmer Young & Sons, HC J & B Balmer, Commended A & N Young.

Young Hens Handled (38 birds) – 1st J & B Balmer, 2nd T & G Balmer, 3rd & VHC W Livingstone, 4th & Reserve M/M Robinson, HC J Orr & Son, Commended D Stevenson. Judges – N Percy & S Murphy (Randalstown). Friday – Old Cocks & Old Hens Handled.

*Cullybackey HPS: Young Hens Handled – 1st W & N Gilbert, 2nd, 4th & Commended Russell Bros, 3rd N & S Anderson, Reserve B Herbison, VHC & HC J & J Greer.

Young Cocks Handled – 1st Cochrane Bros, 2nd & Commended J & J Greer, 3rd & 4th Russell Bros, Reserve N & S Anderson, VHC & HC Reid Bros & McCloy. Judges Tom McAlonan and M/M M Sempey Ballymena & District.