McIlroy claims narrow victory at Galgorm Castle

Galgorm Castle Golf Club.
Galgorm Castle Golf Club.

Through the Maple in the Back Nine sweep at Galgorm Castle Golf Club, James Campbell (11) and club captain John Carruthers (9) were tying for the lead a point ahead of Steven Penney (1) and William Kennedy (9).

Malcolm McIlroy (7) and Neil Candlish (3) were another point behind with Gareth Beckington (6) and Ashley Doole (10) a further point down followed by Raymond Steele (8) another point in arrears.

Up the Grove and with two holes left to play Campbell held a one point advantage over Carruthers, Penney and McIlroy. Beckington was another point behind followed by Candlish, Kennedy and Doole a further poi8nt behind. Steele was still four points adrift of the leader.

Campbell hit bogey trouble over the closing two holes and finished double bogey, bogey where he was joined by McIlroy with a par, bogey finish, Carruthers (two bogeys) and Penney (bogey, birdie). With a better last three first place went to McIlroy followed by Campbell with a better last six in second. Penney won the Gross and Carruthers finished in third place.

A point out of the placings came Steele (two pars), G.Beckington (bogey, par), Candlish (two pars)Kennedy (par, bogey) and Doole (bogey, par).

Twos were recorded by – J.McCarry, N.Candlish, P.Galloway and S.Penney.


Wilfred Morrison (12) after a ‘ding’ at the Niuc was vying for the lead along with John McFarland (10) a point ahead of James Logan (7) and Andrew McFarlane (13) (‘ding’ at four).

Through seven McFarland was ahead of Morrison and McFarlane by one point with Logan three points further away.

McFarland came home par, ‘ding’ and was joined by Morrison (double bogey, bogey) but with a better back six McFarland held on to win with Morrison second.

A further point behind came Logan (birdie, bogey) and McFarlane who hit bogey trouble.

Twos were recorded by – J.McFarland (x2)


The following are the results of the Winter League -

Team Winners – 1st. Team 4 (J.Hood, J.Smyth, K.Dinsmore, A.Moore, T.Dodds and R.Marks) – 2nd. Team 11 (G.Marks, S.Penney, Rod Lennox, T.Martin, G.Allen, R.Lynn and J.Fitzgerald) – 3rd. Team 7 (N.Candlish, G.Jackson, R.Graham, D.McIlroy, N.Fitzsimmons, P.Reid and T.Galloway) – 4th. Team 2 (S.Logan, M.Alexander, G.Hood, S.Graham, I.Rainey, J.Campbell and R.McDyer).

Individual Winners – 1st. S.Penney – 2nd. S.Laverty - 3rd. N.Candlish – 4th. G.Watt – 5th. K.Dinsmore - = 6th. P.Galloway and N.Fitzsimmons – 8th. G.Jackson - = 9th. M.Alexander, J.Hood aqnd T.Dodds.