Mid-Antrim ladies aiming for Plate glory

Indoor bowls.
Indoor bowls.

Mid-Antrim ladies are aiming to secure inter-Zone silverware this Saturday.

The local women take on Monaghan in the final of the Plate competition at First Ahoghill (2pm).

There certainly hasn’t been much time for the Mid-Antrim team to get caught up in the hype of playing in the final - they only beat Foyle in the semi-final of the competition last Saturday!

The final has been somewhat hastily arranged but, in contrast to previous rrounds of the competition, Mid-Antrim have home advanatge and hopefully theire will be a lrage turnout from the local bowling fraternity to cheer them on.

The Mid-Antrim squad is:

Rink one: E McNeill (St Patrick’s Ballymena), S Kleinman (Glenravel), R Gordon (Services Club), E Gage (BPFA).

Rink two: K McKelvey (2nd Broughshane), Y Hall (2nd Donegore), H Maybin, (1st Ahoghill), J Wilson (Michelin).

Rink three: M Millar (BPFA), B Burnett (Eaton Park), I McCullough (AIBC), M Wilson (Michelin).

Rink four: L Turtle (BPFA), R Morrison (1st Ahoghill), J Kirk (Cloughwater), A Agnew (St Patrick’s Ballymena).

Rink five: M Turtle (2nd Broughshane), W Adair (2nd Donegore), S Lynn (Cuningham Mem), H Lynn (Cuningham Mem).

Rink six: M Simms (Services Club), D Scullion (Services Club), P Peacock (Cullybackey Meth), A Bacon (Ballymena Meth).

Reserves: B Laverty (Harryville CC), J Lithco (Muckamore CC), A Lynn (Cuningham Mem), B Marron (MGBC), E Moffat (AIBC), L McCullough (BIBC).