Minnesota claim Top 5 success in pool league


Minnesota Inbetweeners gained a small crumb of consolation after relinquishing their league title, as they finished the Ballymena Towers Pool League season on a high note last week.

The Cullybackey Road side gained a modicum of revenge on their title successors Connolly’s by beating the Dunvale side in the final of the league’s Top 5 competition.

The results from the event, played in Connolly’s Bar, were:

Preliminary round: Connolly’s 4-2 Michelin Masters

Semi finals: Connolly’s 4-1 Towers Tavern; Minnesota Inbetweeners 4-1 Fairhill Hustlers

Final: Minnesota Inbetweeners 4-2 Connolly’s.

The Bottom 5 competition was played in the Moat Bar, with three teams taking part.

Semi final: Moat B 4-2 Social Club

Final: Moat B 4-2 Coach Bar


Connolly’s 5, Moat ‘B’ 1: In a rearranged league game, Dean Robinson put the Moat into a shock lead against the newly-crowned league champions with a 2-1 win over Alan Davidson.

However, this was as good as it got for the Moat as Connolly’s reeled off the next five games without dropping a frame.

Their winners were Ian Boal, Ryan Foster, Pat McAnally, Dee Irwin and Don McKeown who defeated Alastair Law, Alex McGregor, Neil Weir, Aaron Browne and Lewis Cahoon to leave the final match score at 5-1 for Connolly’s.


The final standings in the Ballymena Towers Pool League table were:

Connolly’s, played 18, points 86; Inbetweeners 18-73; Fairhill Hustlers 18-69; Towers Tavern 18-67; Michelin Masters 18-65; Moat A 18-57; Moat B 18-41; Coach Bar 18-40; Fairhill Rockets 18-31; Social Club 18-14.


League meeting on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 8pm in Michelin Club. All teams must attend to pay money and give numbers for annual dinner on Friday 6th May.