Mixed bag of conditions for anglers at Craigmore


August can be a strange month with a mixed bag of fishing last weekend at Craigmore Fishery - very hit or miss.

Thomas Taylor proving the point that this time of year they feed morning and evening when he landed 21 in a couple of hours in the evening on mixed cdcs with a few @3+lb.

Uel Stewart landed 22 on his special black lure with 8@6-7lb 6@4-5lb and the rest 3-4lb. Gordon Wilson landed 38 on drys and buzzers 1@7+lb and 5@4+lb. Michael Currie lost count at 20+on buzzers 1@6+lb and a lot 3-4lb.

Jonny McNeill landed 27 on a couple of visits on the weed fly with 4@5+lb and few @3+lb. Ciaran McLaverty 11 on mixed drys, Andy McClelland 11 on mixed flys with a few 3-4lb. Martin Foster 18 on lures 1@5+lb. Adrian Tweed 12 on slate grey shuttlecocks 2@5+lb, 2@4+lb and rest 3-4lb. Edmund Jones 19 on f flys and griffiths knats 1@9+lb, 2@6+lb and few 3-4lb.

Daniel Donnelly 14 on lures 1@5+lb. Jason Smyth 24on mixed buzzers and bloodworm 3@6-7 and rest 3-5lb.

Colin McQuigan 10 and David Walker 12 on damsels, buzzers and lures with 3@5+lb and 3@4+lb, Sandy Dorien 9 on the weed fly 1@7+lb, 2@6.8lb and rest 3-5lb. Maurice Anderson 9 with 1@5+lb on buzzers.

James Harper 23 on drys 2@6+lb,1@5+lb and 1@4+lb. Davy Couples 9 on mixed flys 1@4+lb. Paul Donnelly 9 with 1@6+lb. Jim Magill 9 mostly on drys 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb. Young Steven coulter landed on shipmans, drys and lures.