Opponents draw comfort as two third tier games end in stalemate

Maine's Patsy O'Neill looks on as Services' Anne Bacon measures an end during last week's league game at the Services Club. INBT 41-181CS
Maine's Patsy O'Neill looks on as Services' Anne Bacon measures an end during last week's league game at the Services Club. INBT 41-181CS

Unlike in many other sports, it’s relatively rare in indoor bowls for a competitive match to finish with a draw as the end result.

It’s even more unusual for two games in the same division to finish in stalemate in the same week - but that’s what happened in Division Three of the Ballymena & District League.

The games between Services ‘B’ and Maine and Eaton Park’s tie against West Church both ended with the sides taking two-and-a-half points each.

In Maine’s case, they managed to earn a share of the spoils despite only winning on one rink, but Laurence McQuillan’s rink’s eight shot win over Roy Dickson was enough to tip the overall shots total in the Randalstown side’s favour earning them another point.

Services’ points came from wins for Greta Coulter and Eric Smyth, while the game between John Smith and John Heffron ended in deadlock.

The game between Eaton Park and West Church was as genuine a draw as you could imagine, with both teams not only finishing level on rink wins but also all square on 35 shots apiece.

The church side were one shot ahead at the interval after Victor Mahon’s win for West Church cancelling out Bonar Hill’s success for the rugby club side.

It was equally a closely contested after the tea break with Tommy Wilson winning by two shots for West Church, while John Carruthers’ rink’s three-shot win over Maurice Livingstone bringing the overall scoreline level at the close of play.

One of the reasons for Moneyglass’s relegation to the third tier last season was a lack of points in away games but their first trip of the campaign had a happy ending as they took all five points from their visit to Round Tower.

Brendan Marron, Patsy Boyd, Sean Kerr and Henry Marron all led their rinks to victory as ‘MG’ ran out comfortable winners by more than 20 shots.

Services ‘B’ 34 (2.5), Maine 38 (2.5): J Smith 9, J Heffron 9; G Coulter 8, P Kerr 7; R Dickson 5, L McQuillan 13; E Smyth 12, B Magill 9.

Round Tower 21.5 (0), Moneyglass 42 (5): H Totten 8, B Marron 16; G Campbell 6, P Boyd 8; M Teer 4.5, S Kerr 9; J O’Neill 3, H Marron 9.

Eaton Park 35 (2.5), West Church 35 (2.5): B Hill 12, J Rainey 8; G Shaw 4, V Mahon 9; G Reid 7, T Wilson 9; J Carruthers 12, M Livingstone 9.


Harryville Community Centre’s first game in their new temporary home of the local church hall was a pleasant experience as they took all five points against First Ballymena.

Gary Worthington, Harold Smyth, Joe Patterson and D Wilkinson skipped the winning Harryville rinks.

Another side to take full points were BPFA ‘B’ on their visit to Glenravel but they were thankful to important shots on the closing ends of a number of the rinks to ensure their ‘full house’.

James Wasson, George Davidson, Adrian McCaw and Herbie McCullough were the winning Broughshane skips.

Services ‘A’ emerged victors from their trip to Golf Seniors thanks to rinks wins from Declan McLaughlin and Pauline Wilson, while Ian Lecky and Donald Smyth replied for the golfers.

No scorecard was received for the Portglenone Community Centre v Antrim IBC game at the time of going to press.

Golf Seniors 28 (2), Services ‘A’ 38 (3): I McMaster 4, D McLaughlin 11; I Lecky 8, M Shaw 7; J Nichols 7, P Wilson 12; D Smyth 9, B Kitson 8.

Glenravel 25 (0), BPFA ‘B’ 44 (5): M O’Neill 6, J Wasson 7; M McAuley 6, G Davidson 8; V Bryson 8, A McCaw 11; J McKeegan 5, H McCullough 18.

Harryville Community Centre 43 (5), First Ballymena 23 (0): G Worthington 9, D McQuitty 6; H Smyth 11, L McQuitty 4; J Patterson 11, J Davidson 7; D Wilkinson 12, R Woods 6.