Pleasant weather results in good catches at Craigmore


There was some lovely weather at Craigmore Fishery over the weekend and some nice catches as well.

James Harper netted 16 fish at the Randalstown venue on drys and lures 1@6+lb 4@4+lb and a lot of 3+lb.

Hartly Smith 12 on buzzers and damsels 1@5.12lb and rest 3+lb.

Jonny McNeill 43 on 3 visits on the weed fly 1@7+lb 7@5+lb and most of the rest 3-4lb.

Arron McGaw 17 on lures 4@6+lb, 1@8+lb and 1@7.8lb, Michael Currie 28 on black lures 1@6-7, 1@5+lb and a lot 3-4lb, Andy McClelland 28 with a lot 4-5+lb and a beautiful 2+lb brown trout on bloodworm.

Colin Foster 12 on lures 1@8+lb and 1@5-6lb, Michael Wakeland 12 on drys, Gordon Wilson 21 on olive and hares ear drys with 6@4+lb, Daniel Paton 12 on damsel nymphs 1@9+lb, 2@7+lb and a few 4-5lb, Jason McKeown landed 17 on lures and buzzers1@7+lb and 4@5-6lb and a tagged fish landing him £25.

Again the usual big fish getting caught Colin Haddock 1@7+lb. Ricky Stewart 1@6+lb and 3@4+lb on shuttlecocks, Ruth Arrell 2@4+lb. Jamie Crain landed a brown trout on a sedge. Stewart Paton 1@7+lb on buzzers, Robert Wade 1@5+lb on a buzzer, Thomas Taylor 1@6+lb on shipmans. Peter Clarke 1@5-6+lb. Robert Paul 1@6+lb.

Edy Good 2@5+lb. James McClean 1@4.8lb, Martin Foster 1@7+lb, S Richmond 1@6+lb. Quentin McCurdy 1@4.8lb, James Floyd 1@6-7lb, Anton 1@8.8lb, Jim Magill 1@5+lb and 2@4+lb. John Carson 2@5+lb.