Plenty of weekend surface activity at Craigmore Fishery


Again there was loads of surface activity this weekend at Craigmore Fishery.

The usual favourites were working a treat shipmans, shuttlecocks, griffiths knat, f fly, olive, brown and black most popular colours, a little too bright on Sunday at times but great for a suntan!

Gordon Wilson landed 42 on mixed drys, Sandy Dorien 21 on the weed fly 3@6+lb and quite a few 4+lb. Billy Hazalett 30 on 2 visits on mixed drys with a couple 4+lb.

James Harper 25 on olive, red and brown drys 1@7+lb, 6@4+lb. Trevor Ramsey 23 on mixed drys 2@6+lb, 1@5+lb and 4@4+lb. Alan Temple 20 on various drys, Andy Maquire 20 on olive drys 1@6-7lb, Gary Rock 30 on shipmans 1@6+lb, 4@5+lb and few 4+lb. Jonny McNeill 44 on 2 visits on bloodworm, John Hughes 20 on tan and green shuttlecocks 6@4+lb.

Ian Gunning 18 on mixed drys, Andy McClelland 23 in a few hours on various flies 1@5-6lb, Trevor Norris 18 on drys 1@5+lb and 3@4+lb. Richard Semple 20 on mixed drys 4@5+lb, Gary Conaughty 14 on drys and buzzers 1@6.8lb, 1@5+lb and 6@4+lb. Chris Wawick 11 on tiny shuttlecocks 1@8-9. John Roy 12 on eyes 1@5lb.

Davy Couples 12 on olive drys, David Robinson 11 on buzzers and drys 1@6+lb and 1@5+lb, David Walker 12 on buzzers and dawlbachs 2@4-5lb, Anthony McCormack 14 on lures and drys.