Prize time for Harryville HPS

Billy and Joe Ramsey with next generation James.
Billy and Joe Ramsey with next generation James.

HARRYVILLE HPS members and friends returned to the Grafters Café at Pennybridge in Ballymena for the annual dinner and presentation of prizes.

Chairman Robert Service welcomed a good turn-out of members, friends and guests, including Homer & Rosie representing the local press.

Following another fantastic meal Robert firstly thanked the staff and Fabien Martin for the excellent service before congratulating the winners over the racing season and thanked all those for help and support, it takes a bit of effort to run a club and he praised all those involved.

Racing with the local Mid Antrim Combine Jimmy Rock who probably had a best ever racing season won the Old Bird Ave for the second season and Cross Channel Average with Jack Millar & Son winning the New North Cup. MAC winners - Cross Channel Average won by Jimmy Rock, Harryville vel 1241, OB Average won by Jimmy Rock, Harryville vel 1300, New North Cup Best Ave Bude OB & Talbenny YB Nat won by J Millar & Son, Harryville vel 1357.

In the NIPA Jimmy Rock won a Bronze Diploma in the OB Nat St Malo. His good 4yo Blue cock bred by Jimmy Smyth of Ahoghill won - 2011: 1st Club, 2nd Sect B & 29th Open NIPA St Malo and 2012: 2nd Club, 9th Sect B & 57th Open NIPA St Malo.

For the last few years the club have operated the prize list on a points basis, the leading lofts were: Roy Clements, Jimmy Rock, J Millar & Son, Allen McBride, Lexie Mullan, Joe Ramsey, K & K Kernohan, George Price, Wray & McFadden and Billy Ramsey.

Over the NIPA race season R H Clements had 8 x 1sts, 7 x 2nds & 6 x 3rds; J Rock 6 x 1sts, 5 x 2nds & 1 x 3rds; J Millar & Son 5 x 1st, 8 x 2nds & 6 x 3rds; A McBride 5 x 1sts, 1 x 2nds & 3 x 3rds; L Mullan 1 x 1sts, 1 x 2nds & 3 x 3rds; J Ramsey 1 x 1st, 1 x 2nds & 1 x 3rds; Wray & McFadden 1 x 1st & 1 x 3rd; K & K Kernohan 3 x 2nds & 2 x 3rds; B Ramsey 1 x 2nd & 2 x 3rds; G Price 2 x 3rds.

Old Bird race winners: Tullamore (1) – R H Clements, Tullamore (2) – J Millar & Son, Roscrea – A McBride, Clonmel – R H Clements, Fermoy (1) – J Rock, Rosscarbery Inl Nat – Wray & McFadden, Roscrea Comeback – R H Clements, Fermoy (2) – A McBride, Talbenny – J Millar & Son, Yearling Hens Nat – R H Clements, Yearling Cocks Nat – J Millar & Son, Talbenny (2) – J Millar & Son, Fermoy (3) – J Rock, Bude – J Rock, Fermoy 5 Bird – J Rock, Penzance – A McBride, Penzance Classic – A McBride, St Malo Nat – J Rock, Skibbereen Nat – B Ramsey, Sennen Cove Ylr Nat – B Ramsey.

Young Bird race winners: Tullamore (1) – J Millar & Son, Tullamore (2) – L Mullan, Roscrea (1) – R H Clements, Roscrea (2) – A McBride, Clonmel – J Rock, Fermoy – J Ramsey, Talbenny Nat – R H Clements, Tullamore (3) – J Rock, Penzance Nat W Jackson.

Cup & Trophy winners: Rosie presented the club cups and trophies, Margaret Alexander the Diplomas and her husband Maurice the Mid Antrim Combine awards.

Jimmy Rock won – Combined Inland Ave, OB Inland Ave, Best Ave Bude & Penzance, Cross Channel Ave O/B, Best Ave all Derby Races, Best Ave O/B & Y/B Derby Races, Best Ave St Malo & 2 x YB Derbies, Most Points all Derby Races, Best Ave Fermoy (1) & (2), Best Ave Penzance OB & Talbenny YB, Old Bird Ave, Combined Ave, Best Ave Comeback Races, Most Points France Races, Most Points Derbies & Nationals.

R H Clements won – Highest Prize-winner, Combined Points, Best Individual Bird, Combined Inland Ave, Best Ave YB Penzance, Talbenny & Rosscarbery YB Nats, YB Average, Best Ave Talbenny & Rosscarbery YB Nats, Best Ave First 3 races, Best Ave 1st O/B & 1st Y/B races, Best Ave Tramore (1) & (2).

J Millar & Son won – Best Ave 1st x 4 Cross Channel Races, Best Average Talbenny (1) & (2), Lowest Winning Velocity. Billy Ramsey won – National Points Average. Wesley Jackson won – Best Ave 2 x YB Nationals INFC.

Looking at the race season with the Irish Nat FC Billy Ramsey won his favourite race the Sennen Cove Yearling Nat, in the previous three seasons he has been placed in the Mid Antrim Combine, 1st, 6th and then 2nd in 2011 recording velocity 1155 for the 337 miles finishing 15th North Sect & 31st Open INFC plus £585 adding to good money in the two years previous.

This year he had the best four birds in the club, the winner recording velocity 1000ypm finished 5th MAC. Before that he had the best bird in the Skibbereen OB Inl Nat, recording velocity 1402 he finished 20th MAC.

Now to the NIPA race programme in the old bird Clonmel race winner Allen McBride finished 2nd MAC 110/2613 recording velocity 1335. A number of good positions were filled during the month of June starting at Talbenny (2) with J Millar & Son 2nd MAC 82/771 on velocity 1314 and then one week later from Bude the great result for Jimmy Rock, 1st Club, and 1st MAC 52/1319, followed by J Millar & Son.

The Bude bird was a yearling Blue Cheq hen Jacob/A McBride winning positions 1st Club, 1st MAC, 2nd Sect & 84th Open NIPA 569/4,489. The sire of the Bude bird is one of the lofts ace racers, this Blue Jacob cock has won 5 x 1st, 1 x 2nd etc. plus other positions. In the Fermoy race the same day as Bude Jimmy Rock had 1st Club & 2nd MAC recording velocity 1466, Fermoy looks like a favourite inland race-point.

In the Premier OB Nat from St Malo Jimmy Rock took 1st & 2nd Club, race winner another from his Jacob family of birds, this 4yo Blue Cheq hen took 1st Club, 8th Sect & 42nd Open NIPA. Looking at the young bird season Billy Ramsey took 1st Club from Fermoy (1) and finished 2nd MAC recording velocity and then in the Premier YB Nat from Talbenny in South Wales R H Clements took 1st Club, and 2nd MAC doing velocity 1446.

* Ballymena & District will host the Annual Mid Antrim Open Show to be held in the Cullybackey HPS Clubrooms, Fenaghy Road on New Year’s day Tuesday 1st January. Penning is from 12 Noon until 2.00pm a 3 in 1 for Old Bird and Young Bird.

All birds from the local Sect B area, will be made welcome, an Open Show for Mid Antrim birds. All the usual Specials including Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex, Most Points and Best YB. All club members should supply prizes and any help would be appreciated.

The Annual Dinner & Presentation of prizes will be held in the Tullyglass House Hotel on Friday 11th January. After a very successful racing season a big crowd is expected, if you wish to order tickets contact Martin Graham Tel: (028) 2563 7929 or Mobile: 07835 099155.

* LOST: Ballymena Area recently Pencil Blue (h) NEHU2010-SED340, please check your loft and contact Homer Tel: 07538 238364.