Race programme for 2016 finalised for fanciers


The race programme for the 2016 season has been finalised by the NIPA.

The old bird programme will be as was passed at the AGM, additional races in Ireland were added for 14th May, 11th June and 18th June. The young birds will be as above. For the first time there will be a race in Ireland on the day of Talbenny (1).

Race Programme to be flown in 2016 -

Old Birds: 9th April Tullamore (1), 16th April Tullamore (2), 23rd April Roscrea, 30th April Fermoy, 7th May Corrin, 14th May Rosscarbery Inl Nat, 14th May Fermoy Comeback, 21st May Talbenny (1), 21st May Rosscarbery Yearling Cock & Hen Nat, 28th May Talbenny (2), 28th May Fermoy 5 Bird, 4th June Bude, 4th June Roscrea , 11th June Penzance, 11th June Fermoy Comeback, 18th June Sennen Cove Classic, 18th June Fermoy Comeback, 24th June St Malo Nat (France), 25th June Comeback??

Young Birds: 16th July Area Lib decided by each Sect, 23rd July Area Lib decided by each Sect, 30th July Tullamore (Mass Lib), 6th August Roscrea, 13th August Gowran Park , 20th August Fermoy, 27th August Talbenny Nat, 27th August Roscrea Comeback, 3rd September Fermoy, 3rd September Fermoy 5 Bird Championship, 10th September Rosscarbery Nat.

Rates were set for transport of other birds, and collection times which include Windsor Social (Coleraine) lifted at 6.30pm which will mean a later collection time for all clubs on this lorry down through Mid Antrim.

Ballymena & District HPS members, those with ETS should fill Race Sheets in ASAP and let us know by text message when ready. We will then set a night for the clock to be updated and rings allocated. A bit of time to go before racing but we are starting early to have the ETS Clocks set up and ready to go.

Due to a change in circumstances Tom McAlonan will not be training birds this year. Ballymena have rings left, Tel: Nicola Gilbert 07724 507621.