Road Club cyclists tackle Star Trophy promotion

Members of Ballymena Road Club who organised Saturday's youth open day event at Ballymena Showgrounds. INBT 27-711H
Members of Ballymena Road Club who organised Saturday's youth open day event at Ballymena Showgrounds. INBT 27-711H

A total of 46 club members took part in Ballymena Road Club’s annual Star Trophy Glens Race last Wednesday night.

The race was handicapped with 4 groups and an overall 12 minutes from front to back.

Although conditions were favourable some riders struggled to stay in their groups before the descent into Carnlough. However Laura Blair and Derek Dougan, from the limit group, maintained a lead until Waterford but on the climb at Glenariff, positions changed rapidly.

Marc Heaney (Carn Wheelers) Aaron Swann (NRPT) and Matthew Brennan broke away from the scratch group before Waterfoot. By the time they had climbed Glenariff they had passed everybody and maintained the lead all the way to the finish. This was a superb result for Marc, Aaron and Matthew.

The remaining scratch riders converged with other groups after Glenariff. Johnny Taylor and Ryan Bankhead sprinted at the finish for 4th. This group came in 1 min 32 seconds after the leaders.

Results (Ballymena Road Club unless stated): 1. Marc Heaney (Carn Whs) 01:44:15; 2. Aaron Swan (NRPT); 3 Matthew Brennan; 4. Johnny Taylor (Carn Whs) 01:45:47; 5. Ryan Bankhead; 6. Mark Glendinning (Spires CC); 7. Connor Young; 8. Gary Reid; 9. Neil Millar; 10. Mark Wright; 11. Paddy Kelly (Carn Whs); 12. Johnny Dooey (Dunloy); 13. John Shaw; 14. Micky Carroll; 15. Shaun Byrne (Bann V); 16. Jonny McConomy (Carn Whs); 17. Adam Torrie; 18. Alan Blair; 19. Micky Scullion (Carn Whs); 20. Conor Mulligan (Newry Wheelers); 21. Dale Bonnar; 22. Brendan McAllister (Glens CC); 23. Richard Reid; 24. Breandan McCavana; 25. Shea Taggart (Bann V); 26. Chris McKeown (Dunloy); 27. Stephen Marlogh (Carn Whs); 28. Colin Scullion; 29. Philip McGuigan (Dunloy); 30. Graham Evans (Spires); 31. Tommy Wilson; 32. Laura Blair 01:53:38; 33. Derek Dougan; 34. Fergus Byrne (Bann V); 35. Niall O’Hagan (Ballymoney); 36. Adam Spillane (Carn Whs) 01:58:26; 37. Ryan McNeilly 02:00:29; 38. Quinton McFall; 39. Claire Gillespie; 40. John Maxwell 02:01:16; 41. Stephen Little 02:11:00; 42. Beresford Millar.


The second edition of the Billy Kerr Sportive takes place from Eaton Park on August 15. Nigel Kernohan reminds BRC members and anybody interested in riding the sportive to book BKS online – see


Ballymena Road Club held a youth day at Ballymena Showgrounds on Saturday morning. Many thanks to Leo McCavana and to those who helped supervise.