Running club adds two new classes to schedule

Participants at the Fit N Running flexibility class.
Participants at the Fit N Running flexibility class.

Fit N Running are adding two new weekly classes to their training schedule.

There is an 8 week beginners running class starting on Tuesday 19th January at 615pm from the Michelin Athletic Club in Ballymena.

The course will teach proper running technique, warm up and cool down routines and is designed to take participants from scratch to 35mins running over the 8 weeks.

The course will be taken by Personal Trainer and Athletics Coach Gregory Walsh who has 21 years experience as an athlete and coach.

The course begins on Tuesday 19th January at 615pm at The Michelin Club and Costs £20 for the 8 weeks. It is limited to 20 people so book early to confirm your place. Pre-enrolment is necessary.


Another new class which has been introduced is Thursday evenings flexibility class which lasts for 1 hour and starts at 630pm. It’s designed to ensure a smooth and correct range of functional movement in joints, increase muscle tissue length and assist in the correction of postural imbalances. Other benefits include improvements in stability, balance and relieving stress and tension. It is ideal for a wide range of individual needs from sports people for performance and recovery to those who want to improve their muscular and skeletal health.


Fit N Running weekly sessions and times are as follows: Monday 615pm Recreational Run; Tuesday 615pm Beginners 8 week running course; Wednesday 615pm Conditioning Circuit class; Thursday 430pm Advanced running group; Thursday 630pm Flexibility Class.

There is also an additional session on Saturday morning for the advanced group.

All sessions are from the Michelin Athletic Club on the Woodside Road. Newcomers are always welcome.

For further info or to enrol, contact Gregory on 07952168016 or email