Shifting winds affect weekend catches at Craigmore


The fishing seemed to get harder at Craigmore Fishery on Saturday and Sunday, maybe because of the shift in wind to the east.

It was more the case of size not quantity this week with Bloodworm and shuttlecocks the two most successful flys. Jonny McNeil landed 52 on a few visits on bloodworm and the weed fly with 1@7+lb about 15@5+lb and quite a few 3-4lb.

Jim Magill 11 damsels and cdcs with 2@5+lb. Andy McClelland 22 on 2 visits 2@6+Lb and 6@4+lb. Michael Currie 28 on nymphs, drys and lures 1@5.8lb and a few 3-4lb, Uel Stewart 11 on lures 6@5+lb.

Sandy Dorien 14 on the weed fly 1@8+lb and 5@4-4.8lb. Colin Haliday 10 on drys with a few 3-5lb. James Boyle 17 on drys and lures 1@8+lb, 4@3-4lb, Billy Todd 9 with 2@5+lb and 2@4+Lb on olive buzzers.

John McQuire 15 on bloodworm 2@5+lb and 4@4+lb. Ian Jones 12 on bloodworm and drys 1@6+lb and 3@4+Lb. Mark Simpson 13 on drys 3@4-5lb.

Other nice fish caught Gary Conaughty 1@8+lb on a lure. Robin Cullen 2@3-4lb on nymphs, Billy Magill 9 on lures with a few 4-5lb, Ricky Stewart 1@4.8lb. Jenny Casey 1@6+lb and 1@4-5lb, William Kinnard 2@6+Lb, Shaun M cPeake 1@5lb on olive shipmans.

Des Rainey 1@4+lb on a black and red buzzer, Peter Clarke 1@5+lb on a lure. Wilbert Gracey 1@5+lb. Chris Irvine and Matthew Laffin had a few each all 4+Lb on lures.

Tommy McFadden 2@4+lb, Jackie Johnson 1@6-7 and 1@4+lb on drys, Brain McNeill 1@6+lb and 1@4+Lb, Jason Ogilby 1@4.8lb on shuttlecock. Davy Stitt 1@4.8lb, Tommy Wharry 1@5+lb and 1@3+lb.

James Floyd 1@8+lb. Billy Hazalett @4+lb. Alan Temple 2@4+lb. Jeff Davidson 1@6+lb, John Hughes 1@5+alb and 1@4+lb, Bobby Rooney 1@5.5lb and 1@5.3lb, Mark Jones 2@7+lb, Danial Paton 2@6+lb.