SLIDESHOW: Galgorm Castle Golf Club Captain’s Day

Galgorm Castle Golf Club Captain, Ian Henry with his guests before they tee off.
Galgorm Castle Golf Club Captain, Ian Henry with his guests before they tee off.

There was a large turn-out of members and visitors for Ian Henry’s Captain’s Day at Galgorm Castle Golf Club recently.

The day began with a cloudy sky accompanied with a light drizzle and although the clouds persisted throughout the day it did not deter the golfers.

John Flynn; Dean Simpson, Ian Henry, Club Captain; Brian McGookin; James Doherty.

John Flynn; Dean Simpson, Ian Henry, Club Captain; Brian McGookin; James Doherty.

The Club Captain welcomed the groups on the first tee and wished them an enjoyable round. At halfway there was food and light refreshments which were much appreciated and a barbecue at the end of the round of golf.

At halfway David Halliday (9) and Patrick Coleman (10) were tying for the lead one point ahead of Adrian McCart (10) and Gary Marks (7). Another point behind came Gary Jackson (10), Keith Barkley (10) and Jonathan McNeill (1) followed by Paul Houston a further point down.

Through The Maple Halliday, McCart and an improved Houston were leading by a point from Jackson, Barkley, Coleman and McNeill. Marks was another point behind.

Up the Grove and approaching two out Halliday was ahead by one point from new challenger Jackson with Barkley a further point behind.

McCart after a ‘ding’ at the Grove had lost his position and was another point down along with Houston, Coleman, Marks and McNeill.

In a close finish Halliday came home par, bogey and held on to win Overall by one point from Jackson (bogey, par) and Paul Houston (par, birdie) and with a better back nine Houston finished Overall Runner-Up. Jackson won Division 1 with McCart (birdie, bogey) taking second place a point behind. A further point down came Keith Barkley (par, ‘ding’), Marks (bogey, par), Coleman (par, bogey) and McNeill (two pars) who won the Gross.

There was an even closer finish to Division 2 with four players finishing together. At the turn Michael Nesbitt (14) was two points ahead of Chris Cooke (12) and Shawn Pedlow (13) with Andrew McLarnon 12) a further two points behind.

Approaching the fourteenth tee Nesbitt was still leading by two points from Cooke with Pedlow and McLarnon another one and two points respectively further behind. After a ‘ding’ at the Grove Nesbitt’s lead was reduced to one point by Cooke and Pedlow with McLarnon still in contention another point behind. Nesbitt (par) increased his lead to two points down the Lowlands over Cooke (bogey), Pedlow (bogey) and McLarnon (par).

Michael Nesbitt failed to score at the last and was joined by Cooke (par), Pedlow (par) and McLarnon (par) and with a better back nine McLarnon took first place with Cooke (better back six) second. Nesbitt won the Seniors.

Turning for home in Division 3 Peter Connon (16) was leading by two, three and five points respectively from George Reid (18), Barry Mott (19) and Terence Martin (16). Through thirteen Mott (‘ding’) had taken a one point lead over Reid with Connon (‘dings’ at ten and twelve) another point behind. Up the Grove Mott continued to lead by one point from Reid (‘ding’ at the Grove) and Connon (another ‘ding’ at the Grove) followed by Martin a further four points down. Connon finished with two pars to win by two points from Mott (bogey, double bogey). Reid (bogey, ‘ding’) and Martin (birdie, par) finished together two points further back.

In Division 4 entering the back nine Amarnath Dan (23) held a slender one point advantage from James McKay (26). Two points further back were Brian Watt (20) and Robin Deane (20). Approaching fourteen Dan was still leading by one point from McKay who waqs joined by Watt and they were two points aheade of Deane. A ‘ding’ by Dan up the Grove enabled Watt to take over the lead by one point from Dan and McKay with Deane another two points away. Watt and Dan were level with one to play and a ‘ding’ by Watt at the last gave Dan the opportunity to win which he accepted with a par for a three point winning margin. Watt finished in second place.


Captain’s Prize – David Halliday 40 pts; Runner-Up – Paul Houston (5) 39 pts (BB9); Gross – Jonathan McNeill (1) 37 pts; Section 1 Winner – Gary Jackson (10) 39 pts; Runner-Up – Adrian McCart (10) 38 pts; Section 2 Winner – Andrew McLarnon (12) 37 pts (BB9); Runner-Up – Chris Cooke (12) 37 pts (BB6); Section 3 Winner – Peter Connon (16) 38 pts; Runner-Up – Barry Mott (19) 36 pts; Division 4 Winner – Amarnath Dan (23) 38 pts; Runner-Up – Brian Watt (20) 35 pts; Seniors – Michael Nesbitt; Best Front Nine – Billy Cull; Best Back Nine – Donald Nesbitt; Captain’s Prize Ladies Section 1 - Caroline Speers; Captain’s Prize Ladies Section 2 – Claire Lynn; Committee Prize – Michael Alexander; Past Captains – Lyle Foster; Captain’s Guests – Peter Boyle; Putting Competition – John McClintock; Nearest Pin at 7th – Owen Smith; Longest Drive at 16th – Patrick Bamber.