SLIDESHOW: Harryville HPS reflect on past season

The Harryville HPS recently held their Dinner and Prize Presentation for the year in the Pennybridge based Grafters Café a good turn-out of members and friends were made welcome by Chairman George Price.

Jimmy Rock who has his loft at Albert Place in the town was Highest Prize-winner for the first time last season and retained the title again in 2014. Without doubt the top result of the year in young birds was when Jimmy had the best bird in the Premier YB Nat from Talbenny in South Wales winning 1st MAC, 1st Sect B & 1st Open NIPA with his bird now named “Rockies Boy”. In the old bird racing it was Old Hand Roy Clements who achieved a top result in the Premier OB Nat from St Malo when only 102 birds made home in race time. For years Roy Clements dominated in the races from France especially in the NIPA and almost won the Kings Cup in 1994 when runner-up to the late Henry Beattie from Rennes. In St Malo this year Roy timed his bird early on the second morning to take 2nd MAC, 2nd Sect B & 7th Open NIPA.

Roy Clements won 6 x 1sts and was best from St Malo (France).

Roy Clements won 6 x 1sts and was best from St Malo (France).

The leading lofts were: Jimmy Rock, R H Clements, J Millar & Son, Allen McBride, George Price, T Johnston & Son, Lexie Mullan, Joe Ramsey, J & C Letters, and R Service & Son. Race winners included J Rock 7 x 1sts, A McBride 6 x 1sts, R H Clements 5 x 1sts, J Millar & Son 3 x 1sts, G Price 3 x 1sts, J Ramsey 2 x 1sts, T Johnston & Son 1 x 1st, and J & C Letters 1 x 1sts. Jimmy Rock topped MAC in the Fermoy 5 Bird Championship for Young Birds and George Price with a best ever season topped MAC from Talbenny and also won Bude.

Jimmy Rock won – Highest Prize-winner Cup, Combined Inland Average, Combined Points, Best Individual Bird, Most Points all Derby Races, Young Bird Average, Best Ave Fermoy (1) & (2).

R H Clements won – Best Ave all Derby Races, Best Ave OB & YB Derbies, Lowest Winning Velocity, Best Ave first three young bird races, Best Ave Comeback Races, Most Points all France Races, Best Ave Mallow (1) & (2).

Jack Millar & Son won – Old Bird Inland Average, Best Ave Bude & Penzance, Best Ave Penzance O/B & Talbenny Y/B.

Trevor Johnston & Son won – National Points Average, Most Points Derby & Nat Races. George Price won – Best Ave Talbenny & Bude. Allen McBride won – Best Ave 1st O/B Race & 1st Y/B Race.

Irish National FC Races – Skibbereen Old Bird won by T Johnston & Son, Sennen Cove Yearling won by Billy Ramsey, Penzance YB won by Wesley Jackson, Skibbereen Young Bird won by T Johnston & Son.