Snow and frozen lake hampers anglers at Craigmore


Anglers who braved the sub-zero conditions at Craigmore Fishery over the weekend were rewarded with some good catches.

Parts of the lake frozen this weekend and 4-5 inches of snow, but thankfully temperatures are on the rise again.

Martin Foster landed 20 on mixed lures with 1@8+lb, 2@6+lb and few at 4+lb. Martin Duggan 12 on buzzers 1@7+lb 1@5+lb and 2@4+lb. Jonny McNeill 15 on black lures 3@4+lb, Simon Kinley 15 on bloodworm 1@5.8-6lb and rest 3+lb. Gary Rock 11 on lures 1@4+lb. Davy Couples 10 on lures and bloodworm.

Ian Jones 12 on lures and buzzers 1@6+lb and 2@4-5lb. Jason Wilson 15 on buzzers 1@5lb and 4@4+lb. Jonathan Hamilton 8 on lures 1@4+lb, Andy Maquire 10 on lures 1@4+lb, Robert Cairns landed 5 in a couple of hours with 1@8+lb 1@5-6lb and the rest 3-4lb. Jim Magill 7 on spiders and buzzers 1@7+lb 1@5+lb and a few 3+lb. Andy McClelland 14 on lures with a few 3-4lb, Leslie Wilson 6 with 1@6+lb and 1@5+lb.Other nice fish caught Ivan Thompson 1@8.8lb on a blue buzzer, John Hamilton 1@5.8lb, Jordon Young landed 1@5.8lb. Ryan McAuley 1@8-9lb. Rab McCurry 1@9+lb, Paul Smith 1@6+lb and 2@4+lb.