Spinning Mill tighten grip at top of second division

The Spinning Mill darts team are having an excellent season. INBT03-217AC
The Spinning Mill darts team are having an excellent season. INBT03-217AC

Spinning Mill strengthened their position further after Friday night’s action in the ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League.

Having won the Loyalist Cup the previous week, the Broughshane Street side extended their lead at the top of the second division to 10 points by beating Wanderers 8-0.

Best individuals performance this week was a 15-dart leg from Ryan Esler, followed by: 16 Sammy Balmer, 17 Geoff Wylie, 18 Glenn Gilmour, 19 Gabe Kerr, 20s John Elder, Geoff Wylie, Willy Bones, 21s John Elder, Gabe Kerr, Paul Henson.

Glenn Gilmour (BT/PO), Sammy Balmer (Spinning Mill), Sammy Greer (Fountain Bar) and Bobby Carson (Michelin) all hit 180s.


Drifters 7, Fountain Arrows 1: Well done Sammy Turnbull (2-1), helping Fountain Arrows avoid the whitewash. Well done this week to Ryan Esler (2-0), Darnell McCrory (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-0), Geoff Matthews (2-1), Geoff McIlveen (2-0) and David McFall (2-0) with the Drifters victories. Star player - Geoff Wylie.

BT/PO 5, Clough Rangers 3: BT/PO raced to a 3-0 lead; but credit to Clough who battled well throughout; only losing the match in the last game. BT/PO winners were Glenn Gilmour (2-0), Shane Hillis (2-0), Colin McCaughern (2-0), Derek Campbell (2-0) and Ian Reynolds (2-0). Clough gained 3 valuable points thanks to Darwin McCallister (2-1), Jimmy Finlay (2-0) and Darren McAuley (2-0). Star player - Ian Reynolds.

Greenhills 7, Staffers 1: Greenhills bounced back from last week’s cup heartache to record another impressive win. Well done Joe Balmer (2-1) gaining Staffers’ point. Greenhills winners were Paddy Coyles (2-0), Lex Gilmour (2-1), Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (2-1), Gabe Kerr (2-0), Stevie McIlroy (2-0), Pearse McGarry (2-0) and Jarlath McGarry (2-0). Star player - Gabe Kerr.


Spinning Mill 8, Wanderers 0: Spinning Mill winners were Sammy Balmer (2-1), John Greer (2-1), George Barr (2-1), Evan Greer (2-0), Lee Balmer (2-0), Chris Greer (2-0), Herbie Balmer (2-0) and Peter Stewart (2-0). Star player - Sammy Balmer.

Fountain Bar 6, Buffs Club 2: A good competitive match, well done Paul Henson (2-0) and Martin Coulter (2-0) with Buffs wins. Fountain Bar claimed the points thanks to Sammy Greer (2-0), Justin Cushenan (2-0), George Foster (2-0), Jack Russell (2-0), Frank McDowell (2-0) and James Greer (2-1). Star player - Sammy Greer.

Slemish Tavern 4, Michelin 4: Both teams may feel disappointed as a draw leaves both adrift of Spinning Mill. Slemish had wins from Noel Elliot (2-0), Rab Lynn (2-0), David McConaghie (2-1) and Roy Gilchrist (2-1). Michelin winners were Clifford Marcus (2-1), Alan Penny (2-0), Chris Penny (2-0) and Bobby Carson (2-0). Star player - Chris Penny.