Superb weather attracts big numbers to Craigmore

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Summer is here at last with some beautiful spells over the weekend at Craigmore Fishery.

Jimmy Irvine 14 on damsels with 1@8+lb, 4@5lb and 5@4lb. Gordon Wilson 46 on dry flys with a couple @4lb. Sammy Conaughty 12 on buzzers 1@4lb and 1@5.8lb. Sandy Dorien 42 on the peach weed 9@4-5lb, Robert Paul 22 on olive drys 8@4+lb and 3@5+lb. Rab MaCurry 28 on shipmans 2@6+lb and 1@5+lb. Tommy NcCrubb 11 on buzzers 3@5+lb.

Ian Flemming 13 on lures and bloodworm. Ricky Stewart 16 on drys 1@6Lb. Mark Goudy 15 on buzzers 1@6lb, Jonny McNeill 30 on a couple of visits on bloodworm, Michael Wakeland 18 on buzzers and drys 1@12lb,1@9lb, 1@7lb and 1@6.8lb. James Harper 35 on a few visits on mixed drys 1@7lb and 3@4lb.

Michael Jones 13 on lures and buzzers 2@6lb and 2@4+lb including a tagged fish landing him £25. Alan Temple 21 on mixed drys, Billy Hazalett 19 on drys 6@4-5lb, Billy Magill 15 on buzzers and drys 1@7lb and 2@5lb.

Thomas Taylor 34 on two visits on mostly shipmans. Tom Hobson 11 on nymphs 1@4+lb! Leslie Beggs 10 on shuttlecocks 1@5+lb. Hartly Smith 16 on shipmans 1@5lb 1@4.12lb, John Robin 15 on olive nymphs and cdcs. Keith Pollock 14 on drys 2@5lb. Billy Air 12 on mixed drys 1@5+lb, Jim Magill 16 on shipmans and cdcs 3@5+lb.