Surprise turn in Division Two title race as leaders make slip

Michelin remain in title contention in Division Two. INBT03-225AC
Michelin remain in title contention in Division Two. INBT03-225AC

The race for the Division Two title in the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League took a surprising turn on Friday night.

Leaders Spinning Mill lost their 100 per cent record by drawing with Fountain Bar.

This left the door open for Slemish Tavern and Michelin to close the gap, with the latter grasping the chance and securing a 8-0 win.

The best individuals performance of the week were 14-dart legs from Alan Bamford and Billy Gay, followed by: 16 Darnell McCrory, 17s Geoff Wylie, Ashley Rainey, 18s Shane Hillis, Geoff Wylie, Alan Bamford, Noel Craig, Colin Reid, Jerome Carson, 19s Brian Cathcart, Willy Bones, 20s Denis Gault, George Foster, 21s Brian Cathcart, Colin McCaughern, John Robinson, Ryan Gault, James Kennedy, Chris Greer, Frank McDowell x2, 22s David Gilchrist, 23s Sammy Balmer, Willie Russell, Chris Penny, Derek Connor, Ian Millar, 24s Ashley Rainey, Davy Martin x2 and Cameron Horner

Geoff Wylie, Alan Bamford (Drifters), John Robinson, Rodney McAleese (The Diamond), Daniel Thompson (Fountain Arrows) and Roy Gilchrist (Slemish Tavern) all hit 180s.

Noel Craig (Drifters) had the best finish of the week with a 132 checkout, followed by a 126 finish from Colin Reid (The Diamond)


Drifters 7, BT/PO 1: A strong performance from Drifters, who are sitting comfortably at the top of the league.

Well done Tam Wallace (2-0); helping BT/PO avoid a whitewash.

Drifters winners this week were John Elder (2-0), Brian Cathcart (2-1), Geoff Wylie (2-1), Darnell McCrory (2-1), Alan Bamford (2-1), Geoff Matthews (2-0) and Noel Craig (2-0).

Star player - Alan Bamford.

Clough Rangers 1, The Diamond 7: A scoreline which keeps The Diamond close in the race for second place.

Well done David Gilchrist (2-1) with Clough Rangers win.

The Diamond had wins from John Robinson (2-0), Denis Gault (2-0), Ashley Rainey (2-0), Davy Martin (2-0), Ryan Gault (2-1), Colin Reid (2-0) and Richard Rainey (2-0).

Star player – Ashley Rainey.

Fountain Arrows 4, Staffers 4: A good, tight match with neither side able to get a strong lead.

Arrows had wins from Sammy Turnbull (2-1), Robert Beggs (2-1), Davy McFall (2-0) and Neil Marshall (2-0).

Staffers winners this week were Rodney Thompson (2-1), Stevie Hamer (2-0), Jerome Carson (2-1) and Richard Campbell (2-1)

Star player – Jerome Carson.


Spinning Mill 4, Fountain Bar 4: A result not many will have predicted, but Spinning Mill had to win the last 2 matches to get the draw having been 2-0 ahead.

Their winners this week were Sammy Balmer (2-0), John Greer (2-1), Danny Balmer (2-0) and Peter Stewart (2-0).

A superb performance from Fountain Bar, wins coming from George Foster (2-1), Sammy Greer (2-0), Justin Cushenan (2-1) and Frank McDowell (2-1).

Star player – Frank McDowell.

Michelin 8, Cosy Corner 0: Following Spinning Mill’s draw, Michelin are very much back in the race for the title following this whitewash victory.

Michelin’s points came courtesy of wins from Alan Penny (2-1), Herbie Dunlop (2-1), David Armstrong (2-0), Chris Penny (2-0), Norman Kerr (2-1), Sammy Dunlop (2-0), Clifford Marcus (2-0) and Brian Hanna (2-0)

Star player – Norman Kerr.

Slemish Tavern 4, Wanderers 4: A result which may have ended Slemish’s chance at the title.

Wanderers were deserving of the draw but may feel aggrieved at not winning, having led 4-2.

Slemish Tavern winners were Dean Calderwood (2-1), Ian Millar (2-1), David McConaghie (2-0) and Roy Gilchrist (2-0).

Wanderers winners this week were Ben Gilmore (2-1), Derek Connor (2-0), Willy Bones (2-0) and Willy Wright (2-0).

Star player – Willy Bones


There are no league matches this Friday night with the individual competitions in both divisions taking place in the Coach Bar.


Fri 30th Jan – League Individuals; Fri 6th Feb – League Match 10


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The next meeting of the BHDDL will be held on Monday, February 2, at 8.25 pm.