Tough weekend for local anglers at Craigmore


August is almost over and still shifting winds, heavy showers and sunshine, but Sunday was the hardest day’s fishing at Craigmore Fishery.

Maurice Anderson 11 1@6+lb on drys. Samuel Anderson 15 1@5+lb on nomads, James Harper 20 on a couple of visits 1@7+lb, 1@5+lb and 4@4+lb on mixed drys. Jonny McNeill 21 on a couple of visits on mixed flys 3@5+lb and 3@4+lb.

Jim Simpson 12 on buzzers 1@5+lb and 2@4+lb. Billy Hazalett 12 on drys 6@4+Lb, Michael McWilliams 12 with 8@4+lb. Robert Morrison 12 on daddy’s 1@7+lb and 1@6+lb. Jeff Davidson 11 on shuttlecocks, Alan Temple 10 1@5+lb and 2@4+lb. John Hughes 21 on two visits on tan shuttlecocks1@8+lb, 1@6+lb, 4@5+lb.

Edward Edens 17 on the weed 2@6+lb. Marti Allen 27 on black f fly and bloodworm 3@5+lb. Daniel Donnelly 13 on drys 1@5+lb. William Kinnard 11 on olive buzzers 1@4+lb, Tommy Spence 11on a march brown 3@5+lb, Billy Todd 11 on shipmans and dawlbachs 1@5+lb and 2@3+Lb, Matthew Laffin 12 on mixed flys 1@6+lb, Thomas Hillyard 12 on mixed flys 1@8+lb and 2@4-5lb.

L Clewer 11 on mixed flys 1@6+lb, N Clewer 15 on nymphs 1@5+lb. Hugh Mitchell 12 mostly all 3-5lb. Andy M cClelland had 10+ on can of worms and buzzers with 2@4+lb. Harry Graham 11 on olive shipmans1@4+lb. John Carson 9 on black knat 1@8+lb and 1@6, 1@5 and rest 3-4lb. Davy Couples sr 10 on buzzers and drys including a nice brown trout.

Michael Currie 12 on Mixed drys 1@6+lb. Jason Smith 11 on lures and buzzers 1@7+lb, 2@5+lb.

Other nice fish caught Jackie McBurney landed 1@6+lb and 3@4+lb on dawlbachs. Neil Wilson 2@6-7lb on buzzers, Adrian Matthews 1@5+lb and 1@6+lb. William Elliot 1@7+lb, Paul Wilson 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb. Neil Flemming 1@8+lb and 1@6+lb. Paul Armstrong 1@5-6lb on dry fly, Brian McNeill 1@6+Lb, Phil Taggart 1@7-8lb and 2@4+Lb, Gareth McCaffery 6 with 1@8+lb and rest 4-5lb, Steven Webb 1@5+lb on a dry fly, L. Reid 1@5+lb. David Cunningham 2@7+lb, Jim Patterson 1@5.4lb.

The fishery is open as uaul on Bank Holiday Monday, August 31.