Tougher weekend conditions for Craigmore anglers


Most anglers couldn’t go wrong on Thursday and Friday at Craigmore Fishery, but Saturday and Sunday was a different story.

The exception was Jonny McNeill who landed 57 trout, 13 on Thursday, 30 on Friday, and 14 in a couple of hours on Sunday on Bloodworm (spiders), 1@5+lb, 2@4+lb a lot 3-4lb and 5 sets of double hook ups. Rab McCurry landed 22 on lures and squirmy wormy with 2@10lb, 1@8lb,1@7lb and a few3-4lb.

Sean Smith landed 18 on bloodworm 6@4-5lb, John Dixon landed 18 on bibio snatchers 2@5-6lb, Andy McClelland 16 bloodworm 5@5lb and 2@4lb, Gary Stewart 15 on blue cormorants 1@5lb, Michael Booth landed 12 on black and silver buzzers.

Stanley McCart 12 on mixed flys 1@5+lb. Jim Magill landed 11 and lost a lot on spiders. Alan McKillop 14 on hares ear nymphs 1@6lb and 2@4lb, Jason Scott 12 on buzzers 1@9lb and 3@4lb. John McNeill sr 8 on buzzers 1@4+lb.

Jim Surgeoner 8 on black and silver lures and orange lures 1@6+lb, 2@4+lb and the rest 3+lb. Mark Telford 9 on mixed flys. Andy Maquire landed 8 on bloodworm 1@5lb and 2@4lb.

Other nice fish landed Young Tom Turner 1@8+lb and a white minky. Steven Coulter landed 1@5+lb. Ivan Leecock and Davy Couples both landed fish @4+lb. Sheamus Cairns landed 1@6+lb. Steven McSherry 1@6+lb. Davy Cunningham 1@6lb, William Kinnard 1@6+lb, and Maurice Anderson landed a lovely brown trout.