Weather clears for annual all-night event at Craigmore Fishery


Saturday was an awful day, but thankfully it cleared into a great night for the all nighter at Craigmore Fishery, with some great numbers and big fish getting caught.

Sandy Dorien landed 41 with 5@6+lb and 6@4+lb on the weed fly. John McCallum landed 22 on shipmans 1@6+lb.

Jonny McNeill 63 on a few visits on apps bloodworm 2@5+lb and a few 4+lb. Martin Foster 33 on lures 1@8+lb and 6@5-6lb. Colin Foster 27 on lures 2@4-5lb. John Dixon 22 on mixed drys 1@5+lb. Alan Strain 26 on lures and buzzers 1@4.5-5lb.

Thomas Taylor 24 on various shipmans 1@5+lb and a few 3+lb, David Johnson 18 on drys, lures and buzzers with a few 3+lb. Edy Good 14 on buzzers 2@4.8lb, Peter Alexander 15 on mixed flys 1@5.8lb, Billy Todd 11 mixed flys 3@3+lb. Jim Surgeoner 10 on lures 4@5+lb. Phillip Maine 26 on lures 1@8+lb 1@5+lb and 5@4+lb.

Reggie Bell 18 3@4-5lb, John McNeill 18 with 2@5-6lb, James Harper 29 on a few visits on drys with 5@4+lb and alot 3-4lb.

Martin McNicholl 10 on quill buzzers 1@5-6lb, Joelle Sullivan 11 on the weed fly 1@8+lb. Ruth Arrell 11 on the weed fly, Andrew M cCallum 14 on Drys 2@4-5 and 1@7-8lb, Aaron Hawnthorn 12 on drys 1@5-6lb, Jim Simpson 11on black and green buzzers 3@3+lb.

Dennis McIlroy 10 on lures, Billy Hazalett 11 on drys, Billy Air landed 8 on buzzers 2@7+lb and 1@5+lb. Other nice fish caught Edmund McAteer 3@5+lb.

Jeff Davidson 1@5-6 and a tagged fish that got away at the net. Alan Temple 1@4+lb and 1@6+lb. Gary Kelly 2@4+lb, Gary Weir 1@5+lb and 1@6+lb.

Peter Neeson 1@5+lb. Drew Montgomery 2@4+lb and 1@4.8lb.

Sammy Conaughty landed a double hook up with the two fish weighting 1@6+lb and 1@3+lb well done to him.

Craigmore Fishery is closed on Monday, July 11 but then open the remainder of next week.