Wet weather fails to tempt anglers at Craigmore


Wet and windy weather at the weekend failed to tempt a lot of anglers from the comfort of their homes to Craigmore Fishery.

Still, fish were taking dry flies and a lot of spiders working as well.

Jim Magill landed 19 with 1@7+lb, 3@5+lb and a lot 3-4lb all on spiders.

Sandy Dorian 11 on the weed fly 1@6.8lb and the rest between 3-5lb.

Paul Cooper 20 on 2 visits on lures all between 3-6lb, Harry Diven 9 on lures 2@5+lb.

Andy Maguire 14 on 2 visits on spiders 1@10+lb, @@5+lb and 2@4+lb.

John McNeill sr 12 on buzzers all between 2-5lb, Gunter Schiefter 7 on damsels all 3.8-5lb, J McWilliams 6 with 2@5+lb and Mark McWilliams 7 with 2@5+lb.

Jonny McNeill 18 on a few visits on buzzers and lures 2@4 +1@5.8lb.

John Dixon 18 on 2 visits on Griffith Knats and shrimps 1@7+lb, 3@5+lb and the rest 3-4lb, Joe Jackson 11 on buzzers 3@4-5lb,

Other nice fish caught over the past weekend included, James McClean 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb.

Ricky Stewart 1@4.8lb, William McMurray 1@4+lb. Gary Rock 1@7+lb and 2@5+lb on buzzers.

Jason Smyth 1@9+lb and 2@4-5lb on nymphs.

Firstly as Christmas is just around the corner remember we have fishing vouchers available that are great for presents for anglers.

Also if anyone wishes to attend the Christmas party at Craigmore this Saturday 12th December, they need to drop £21.95 into the fishery as soon as possible to guarantee their place.

Further details on this and all other events at Craigmore can be obtained by contacting the fishery directly on either 07811440824 or 0289447 2806.