Wintry conditions take hold at Craigmore Fishery


It certainly feels like Winter is here with anglers experiencing a big dip in the tempratures at Craigmore Fishery over the weekend.

Leslie Beggs landed 29 on lures 1@5+lb and 6@4+lb, Jonny McNeill 39 on a few visits on bloodworm and lures 7@5+lb, 1@6+lb and 1@7+lb. Paddy McGarvey 16 on mixed flys, Martin Gallagher 11 on bloodworm 1@8+lb.

Michael McWilliams 9 on wets and buzzers 1@8 and 1@4lb, Adrian Matthews 10 on yellow lures 3@6+lb.

Michael Hall and Nigel NcIntyre 10+each on nymphs and drys 2@5+lb and 1@4+lb, Andy McClelland 14 on bloodworms 1@5+lb.

James Floyd 19 on damsel nymphs 1@8-9 and rest 3-5lb, William Jones 16 on bloodworms and nymphs 1@10lb, 2@6+lb and 1@4lb.

John Gracey 15 on bloodworm and mixed drys 1@7lb , 1@6, 1@5lb.

Other nice fish caught Colin McQuigan 2@6+lb on buzzers, David Walker 1@8-9 lb, and a few 4-5lb on buzzers.

Dean Young 1@5+lb on a bloodworm. Alan Donnelley 1@10+Lb on green lure. Paul Donnelly 1@6+lb. David Moore 2@6+lb.

Alan Temple 1@5+lb, James Harper 2@4+lb. Jimmy Irvine 1@7+lb, 2@4+Lb. Gunter Schiefter 1@5+lb and 2@4lb. John Stewart 2@5lb on drys.

Billy Magill 1@4+lb and 1@5+lb on buzzers. Adrian Tweed 1@6.8-7lb, 2@5-6lb.