Zone bowlers face long journey to Cork this weekend

Indoor bowls.
Indoor bowls.

Mid-Antrim Zone men’s bowling team are preparing for a long trip to Cork this weekend.

The local men knew that an away trip to Cork was always a possibility prior to their home game with Armagh in the 1st round of this season’s inter zone competition.

Having succumbed to Armagh together with Cork’s defeat by North Down, that possibility became a reality with the locals now facing the long trip south for the second consecutive year.

That said, last years fixture produced an excellent team performance and victory by 33 shots which Mid Antrim will be seeking to reproduce this time round.

The selectors have made three changes from the team which lined up against Armagh.

The full side is as follows:

Rink 1: A McCombe (1st Ahoghill), D McCullough (Michelin), G Lithco (Muckamore CC), W Caldwell (Michelin).

Rink 2: S Alexander (Buckna), D Turtle (BPFA), I Craig (BPFA), A Cahoon (BPFA)

Rink 3: A Graham (1st Ahoghill), A Bonnar (Glenwherry), A McCullough (Buckna), A Morrison (1st Ahoghill)

Rink 4: R Rodgers (BPFA), D Duncan (2nd Donegore), N Booth (Old Bleach), A Duncan (2nd Donegore)

Rink 5: J Gage (BPFA), J McWhirter (Killymurris Glarryford), M McCullough (Killymurris Glarryford), D Morrison (1st Ahoghill)

Rink 6: J Reid (Buckna), M McMaster (1st Ahoghill), D Elliott (Michelin), W Morrison (1st Ahoghill)

Reserve: T Morrison (1st Ahoghill)

A coach will leave the car park on the Antrim Road (adjacent to the Renault garage) at 6:00 am on Saturday 28/11/15.

It will stop at Dunsilly Roundabout at 6:15 am.

One stop has been arranged on the way down in the Dublin Area for breakfast.

The coach will then travel to the match venue (to be confirmed).

After the game, the team will stay overnight in Cork prior to returning home on Sunday.

All of the above named players are asked to contact Zone Convenor Tom Morrison (02825871523) as soon as possihle to confirm their availability for the trip.

Players are also aksed to make a contribution of £20 to cover transport costs.