Charity benefits from ‘Nifty Fifty’ race event

The winning Manly Racing team at the Nifty Fifty event at Mondello Park. Picture: Roy Adams.
The winning Manly Racing team at the Nifty Fifty event at Mondello Park. Picture: Roy Adams.

A wise man once told me: ‘Never take an eejit to a motorbike race because you’ll always find one when you get there.’

With that in mind, Irelands eejits converged on Mondello Park last Saturday for the annual Nifty Fifty races.

Basically, the idea is to raise some money for charity, and have a bit of fun as well.

In the 90cc Standard class, Team Manly ran out as winners for the third year in a row. Having completed 157 laps, Manly Racing were a full two laps ahead of second placed Team Stay Strong. In third place, and 7 laps down, were the Slutty Clowns. There are a few names I might have to alter to get them printed, by the way!

In the Modified category, the Bike World lads ran out as winners, finishing 156 laps.

The 50-80cc standard class was won by the Whackeyracers, on 145 laps. The second placed team of Epic Failure were 8 laps behind while in third place, while the Kilmac Armada were third, a further 2 laps adrift.

Special prizes went to Team Cider and the Swords Express. Brian Coomey, of Team Cider was disturbingly elated by being presented with a Pot Noodle, for never getting his bike out of the garage.

The winners, as always, were the charities who will be presented with the money from the day. My thanks to the Mondello Park crew. I’m looking forward to next years event already.


The Mid Antrim Motorcycle club team have won the Knock clubs Hurst Cup Team trial, near Crossgar.

The local team, consisting on Matthew Millar Jnr; John Millar and William Dickey Jnr finished the event with a loss of 114 marks. In second place were Chris Brown, Stuart McClurg and Curtis Brown riding as the Knock Gas Gas team on 144m, while another team from the hosting Knock club, Neil Moore, Michael Fay and Jake Hanlon finished in third place on 149.

This is the second time the Mid Antrim club have won the event, which is looked at as the top team event in Ireland. Well done to them.


Held every two years, this weekend sees the 9th Carol Nash sponsored RDS Motorcycle Show in Dublin.

Billed as the top bike show in Ireland, the show brings together stars of the racing world and in a unique blend of MX, Trials and road racing. I would recommend that you check out the website, www.irishmotorbike

I’m hoping to be at the show maybe on Sunday and so should have a few photos in next weeks Times.

Roy Adams