Locals enjoy minibike event at Aghadowey

Jamie Patterson leads younger brother Ross at Aghadowey. Picture: Roy Adams.
Jamie Patterson leads younger brother Ross at Aghadowey. Picture: Roy Adams.

I attended a minibike meeting last Saturday, at Aghadowey.

There were quite a few spectators, I’ve seen ISB meetings with less, and the riders certainly didn’t disappoint. Some of the racing was first class.

A number of short circuit and road racers turned out, with William Dunlop taking part in a single race, due to the fact that he was playing football on Saturday afternoon. A few others who took part were the Antrim brothers, Jamie and Ross Patterson and Antrim lad Jonny Hanna, although he crashed during practice and sustained an ankle injury, taking no part in the actual racing itself.

Padraig Graham from Toomebridge rode his own pit bike, but after Cullybackey man Malcolm Robinson injured his fingers in a fall, he sportingly handed his bike over to Padraig. Despite having no practice on the wee GP bike he rode well. That was the first round of the three race Winter championship. The other two meetings are to be held in January.


As I mentioned last week a couple of road races in the North look set not to go ahead in 2015, with one gone completely.

Sadly it has been confirmed to me on Sunday that the Bush meeting has gone, and due to the fact that the club has folded, will not be run again. It’s a great pity. The Dungannon club were a great outfit, and worked hard at making their meeting - which only returned this year after missing 2013 due to an MCUI insurance hike - a success.

The person who confirmed the news to me said the club had folded and it was an inter club matter as to why.

Roy Adams.