Osprey hopes to soar to new heights in 2015 racing season

Lee Osprey with his parents Janet and John and sister Georgia. Picture: Roy Adams.
Lee Osprey with his parents Janet and John and sister Georgia. Picture: Roy Adams.

Antrim rider Lee Osprey hopes to build upon a successful first season in racing as the new campaign approaches in 2015.

After completing the MCUI Training School in February, the 17 year old, who works in Antrim Area Hospital, took to a cold and damp Bishopscourt track for his first ever meeting.

“I was a bit nervous, but it was great fun,” he told me.

“I was going to get an Aprilia at the start, but my dad and I talked it over and I went for a SS400 Kawasaki instead.

“We didn’t know anything about preparing it or anything, so Chris Campbell offered to help us. That how I came to be with Rash Racing. We have learned a lot this year.”

Lee says his love of bikes and racing stems from the fact that he has been more or less brought up with them.

“My dad John has had bikes for ages. My uncle, Roy Adams used to race roads and also my granddad Dessie Reid raced grasstracks. His brother Paddy won the Manx GP years ago, as well.”

Over the season Lee has enjoyed steady results and is proud of the fact that he hasn’t finished last once. He says that he only crashed twice all year, “once when I passed another rider who let the brakes off and ran into the back of me.

“The other time was on the big track at Mondello. I’d never even seen the place before I went out to practice. I just made a bad tyre choice. Nobody to blame but myself.”

Looking forward to 2015, Lee plans to run the SS400 again, and will also have a run out on the 750 Kawasaki that Chris Campbell races.

“Chris told me he would let me have a run on it. I’m looking forward to that.”

He tells me that he plans to do very little to his bike, beyond a refresh of the engine and a service. ‘It’s going well enough. I just want a wee bit more speed out of it.’

Lee has asked that I thank a few people. Firstly, his parents John and Janet, and his sister Georgia. Without them there would be no racing. From Rash Racing, Chris Campbell, Trevor and Erin and Chris’ girlfriend Sarah. His grandfather and grandmother, Dessie and June Reid and his other grandmother Flo. Lee has also thanked both myself and the Times for the wee write-ups and photos during the year. It’s always a pleasure.

Any other local riders who would like a mention here, get in touch with me, either through Facebook or contact the Times. You never know, a potential sponsor might just see it.


Details have been announced of the 2015 Adelaide Blackhorse Motorcycle Show, which will be the 20th year that Nutt Promotions have organised the show. I will have further details of the show as I get them. I do know that there is another press conference planned on the 24th January. The show will run from the 6th to the 8th February, at the Kings Hall.