Randalstown Firsts are knocked out of Irish Senior Cup by UCD


It was a cold and wet Saturday afternoon when Randalstown met UCD in the second round of the Irish Senior Cup.

Randalstown came off the back of a tremendous semi-final win in the Denmark Ulster shield last week but knew that this would be a very tough match.

UCD started quickly as expected and Randalstown were quickly under a lot of pressure at the back.

Great defensive play between Shelley Black, Emma Clyde, Alex Ogilby and Erin Getty meant that Randalstown had some great breakaways and attacking play catching UCD on the back foot.

UCD went 1-0 up with a diagonal ball being slotted away at the back post.

The weather deteriorated for the worst meaning both teams found the pitch slow and was difficult to maintain the quality of play.

UCD finished the first half with two further goals late in the half.

Jayne McGrillen had a narrow miss where she found herself one on one with the keeper.

The second half was very closely contested with Randalstown’s press holding up well and making it difficult for UCD to find any room to play in.

Town held on and again had a few great attacking opportunities through Katherine Elkin and Katy Aston in midfield with Nicole Moore, CJ McDonald, Alice Reid and Alice Christie making great runs up front to stretch the UCD defence.

The game ended 3-0.