Robinson victory in McCarroll/McConnell Stableford

Galgorm Castle Golf Club.
Galgorm Castle Golf Club.

The McCarroll/McConnell sponsored Stableford Competition was held at Galgorm Castle Golf Club.

At halfway Darryl Robinson (13) and Peter Connon (16) were vying for the lead a point ahead of Russell McBride (18) and Derrick McClelland (16) who were one, two and three points respectively ahead of Christopher McBurney (19), Brian Mahany (17) and Aaron Gault (28).

Only two points separated these seven players through the Maple with Robinson holding a slender one point advantage over McClelland, McBurney and Gault. Another point back came McBride, Connon after a ‘ding’ at eleven and Mahany. Scores changed up the Grove with Robinson increasing his lead to two points from Gault.

Mahany was another point behind followed by McClelland and McBride a further point down. McBurney and Connon were another point behind. Robinson finished with two pars to win overall by two points from Gault.

A final effort from McBride just failed to catch Gault by one point. However McBride won Division 3. Mahany came second followed by McClelland another point behind. McClelland won the Seniors leaving McBurney and Connon who finished together three points behind the winner in a scramble for third place. In Division 1 at the turn George Small (9) was ahead by one point but being pushed hard by David Stirling jnr (4) and James Taylor (8) for the lead.

Stephen Mailey (9) and Joel McNeilly (5) were another point behind. Through thirteen the lead had changed with Stirling jnr one point ahead of Taylor followed by Small, Mailey and McNeilly another point behind. With two holes left to play Stirling jnr had increased his lead to two points from Taylor, McNeilly and Mailey. Small was another point behind. In a close finish Mailey and Stirling jnr were equal and with a better back nine Mailey took first place with Stirling jnr taking the Gross.

A point behind and in a very close encounter McNeilly (bogey, birdie), Taylor and Small finished together and with a better back nine second place went to McNeilly with Taylor third.

Andy Moore (14) led Division 2 through the front nine followed by Gary Crabbe (14) and Raymond Ardis (12) a point behind. David Henry (12) was another point behind with Chris Cooke (13) a further two points down. Approaching fourteen Moore had been overtaken by Crabbe and Ardis by two points and one point respectively. Up the Grove Crabbe opened a two point gap over Ardis who in turn was a point in front of Henry and Moore. Cooke was still in the rear by another point.

Crabbe came home to win by three points after a bogey, par finish. Ardis came second one point ahead of Henry Moore and Cooke (bogey, par) and with a better back nine third place was taken by Cooke. Going into the back nine in Division 4 Raymond Lynn (22) was leading by two points from Ian Manson (21), Kenny Balmer (21) and Timothy Roddy (24). Balmer closed the gap on Lynn to one point through the Maple with Manson another point behind. Roddy after a ‘ding’ at eleven found himself a further three points adrift.

Balmer took a one point lead over Lynn up the Grove with Manson another point behind.

Roddy was still another three points away. In a close finish only one point separated the four players. Balmer hit trouble and finished bogey, double bogey and was joined by Manson with a bogey, par finish and a better back six saw Manson take first place.