SLIDESHOW: Samurai kids a cut above the rest!

Shogun Ju-Jitsu students from local Antrim and Ballymena Ju-Jitsu Clubs recently took part in a very exciting weapons course in Antrim.

This event, held in Rathenraw Community Centre, involved the children learning the use of the Katana Sword, the most famous weapon of the historical Samurai Warrior in their ancient teachings of Iaido i.e. ‘The Way of the Live Blade!’

Scott 'striking the pose'.

Scott 'striking the pose'.

Children, junior students weapons train in Shogun Ju-Jitsu using foam bokkens (wooden sword) which are completely safe, whilst are still very exciting and a lot of fun to use. During the training course the students practised the ‘8 cutting techniques’ of the sword amongst other techniques. More senior graded students were focused on black belt katana kata and applications, a system of techniques already being taught to the highest grades in the clubs.

Master Paul Timperley 6th Dan, Shogun Ju-Jitsu National Coach and course instructor explains: “The Katana Sword is the most fascinating of the ancient martial arts weapons and one which allows imaginations to run wild in all of us from childhood. I have trained and practised with the katana sword for almost 30 years and I feel I am still only learning compared to the great swordsmen from past and present. It is an amazing weapon and one which all students totally enjoy learning to train with.”

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Master Paul concludes: “We had a sold-out course today and the children had a fantastic time. The key and secret for us as coaches is to combine the right mixture of fun and martial arts training alongside health & safety, to ensure all our students enjoy their training and be educated whilst doing it safely. The most important thing of all is that we ensure students go home from class with a smile on their face, as that’s our job done well and we are satisfied!”