Dance for life workshop

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The Braid will be hosting a ‘Dance For Life’ event on Saturday April 1.

This is a free event for adults and will run from 10.45am until 12.30pm.

Vanessa Brodie, from Laban Guild for Movement and Dance, will be facilitating the workshop.

Come and experience the joy of movement and dance in this free taster class.

In a non-threatening, informal environment, learn how to use dance to enhance health and well-being.

The workshop is based on the principles of Rudolf Laban Dance and is accessible to adults of all ages, including those who think they cannot dance.

For over seventy years members of the Laban Guild have been inspired by Laban’s work in the fields of dance theatre, mastery of movement for actors, community dance, movement and dance therapy, personal growth and development, dance in education, dance notation and action profiling.

The Guild promotes publications, courses, conferences and other events to provide high quality experiences relevant to members in the dance and movement world of today.

On a number of occasions members have taken part in large group works (movement choirs) in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, to display the sheer vitality of Laban’s ideas.

Membership consists of both amateur and professional people and includes dancers, teachers, academics, therapists, artists and psychologists.

Laban began his career as a painter, architect and illustrator.

He soon became a performer and choregrapher.

His ideas have generated innovations in dance, acting, performance, in the study of non-verbal communication, in ergonomics, in educational theory and child development, in personality assessment and psychotherapy.

He also devised a revolutionary method of movement notation that continues to be used today.

This is a free event, but numbers are limited.

Please register to secure your place.

Telephone 028 25 635 010 to enrol for this event.