Ballymena teen entrepreneur launching milkshake shop

A 17 year-old Ballymena entrepreneur is set to open a new milkshake store in town on Friday, September 24.

Friday, 24th September 2021, 8:28 am

Former Slemish College student, Christopher Fulton is getting ready to open ‘Nobodies Shakes’ on Hill Street.

The store is set to create three new jobs for local young people.

Christopher said: “We are not only providing employment but teaching valuable life skills.”

Christopher Fulton (17), is set to open a new milkshake store in Ballymena

“It’s an opportunity that will procure the managers of the future.”

The jobs will aim to teach highly sought-after employability skills to local young people and they are also expected to develop effective customer service skills through training and practical experience. They learn how to handle money and receive health and safety training which will give them the knowledge enabling them to work safely in kitchens. It is hoped these practical skills will equip them for future careers and that newly developed communication skills will help give them a prominent advantage in their studies.

Christopher, who previously attended Ballymena Academy and is currently attending Belfast Business School, points out that the company’s milkshakes are all made from local milk, cream and ice cream

He said: “As a local start-up we feel a responsibility to help other local businesses”.

Nobodies Shakes is due to be launched in Ballymena by a teenage entrepreneur from the town

The young entrepreneur is not afraid to get stuck in and has remodelled the shop himself with very limited resources.

He said: “The only thing I didn’t do was the plumbing.

“it’s been physically and mentally tiring. I distinctly remember my mother coming to check if I was ok and waking me up as I had fallen asleep on the floor at 3am. There’s a long way to go, but I have no doubt that me and the new team are ready”